Suspended Foreclosure Lawyer Bruce Jacobs Sells Out And Takes A Job With Bottom Feeding Property Investor Tony Stern

Foreclosure Lawyer Bruce Jacobs
Bruce Jacobs after a recent court appearance looking like he toked down on a Bob Marley party joint before the hearing.

Unsurprisingly, suspended bottom feeding foreclosure lawyer Bruce Jacobs has finally sold his soul. However, that is if you want to assume he ever had one. Jacobs has taken a job with Property Onion.

Property Onion is operated by real estate investor Tony Stern. Stern is a long standing fixture in the Florida distressed property market. Yes, distressed properties as in buying foreclosures, delinquent tax liens and HOA liens. The Boca Raton based investor then leverages his positions to take title to the property and kick people out of their homes.

Jacobs even promoted home made Facebook videos he and Stern did promoting Jacobs new gig as Director of Business Development for Stern. Will he be soliciting former clients for Property Onion? Of course, that remains to be seen. 

The Florida Supreme Court suspended Jacobs from practicing law for 90 days in June. The justices apparently didn’t appreciate his buffoonish behavior in front of the judge of the 3rd DCA. 

Jacobs also liked filing whackadoodle filings with the trial courts in Florida. These crazy filings also didn’t help his case with the Florida Bar.

Jacobs’ suspension was up last month. However, it appears he has made no attempt to re-instate his license. Now we know why.

For over a decade Jacobs promoted himself by using the “Champion-Of-The-Little-Guy” schtick. You know the same schtick used by other foreclosure defense lawyers who have now found themselves disbarred or chased out of the legal profession.

So, now Jacobs shows us who really is. Was he another shyster lawyer who preyed on vulnerable people? Or did he decide to sell out? 

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