The Florida Supreme Court Suspends Miami Attorney Bruce Jacobs’ License For 91 Days As He Continues Driving His Career Off A Cliff

Miami Attorney Bruce JacobsThe justices of the Florida Supreme Court have suspended a Miami foreclosure attorney Bruce Jacobs’s law license for 91 days. The Florida Bar filed multiple complaints alleging Jacobs used “strong and offensive language against judges” while representing clients in foreclosure cases.

The high court handed down its unanimous opinion after Jacobs sought a review of a referee’s amended report. The report recommended a 90-day suspension from nearly 2 years ago. A court referee had found Jacobs had determined Jacobs violated multiple Florida Bar rules. 

The court found Jacobs guilty of “impugning the qualifications and integrity of judges or other officers.”

The bar asked the court to approve the referee’s findings and impose a two-year rehabilitative suspension. However, the Florida Supreme Court gave Jacobs a 91-day suspension instead.

Jacobs is a veteran Miami-based foreclosure defense lawyer. He argued that banks were committing fraud and shouldn’t collect on the mortgages.

The court opinion says:

“Ultimately, the record clearly supports the referee’s finding that Jacobs made statements in three separate legal proceedings that impugned the integrity of members of the judiciary, and Jacobs has failed to show that he had an objectively reasonable factual basis for making the statements,”

The opinion also stated:

“Moreover, the referee’s finding of a pattern of misconduct is supported by the record, as evidence showed that Jacobs engaged in similar tactics and used impugning language in cases where judges rejected his theories of foreclosure defense.”

Jacobs argued in three cases that banks were fraudulently foreclosing on mortgages. Therefore, they shouldn’t be allowed to collect on the mortgages. 

Two different courts rejected his arguments.

Miami Foreclosure Defense Attorney Bruce Jacobs Calls Appellate Judges Crooks And Traitors To The Constitution

miami attorney bruce jacobsDuring the process, Jacobs apparently lost any remaining connection he had with reality.

He accused the judiciary of being cahoots with the banks. Judges in question then filed what became a three-count complaint against him.

Jacobs called the judges of  Florida’s 3rd DCA, “traitors to the constitution.”

The rotund lawyer claimed the courts were letting banks get away with fraud. Unfortunately for Jacobs, he took it even further by saying, “any court that protects the monopoly over the rule of law is a traitor to the constitution and should be tried for treason.”

The referee ultimately found Jacobs intentionally impugned the judiciary. Attorneys have an obligation to advocate for their clients. However, the court found Jacobs crossed a line into name-calling. Thus, violating bar rules.

He made comments that, “impugned the qualifications or integrity of members of the judiciary.” 

Is Miami Attorney Bruce Jacobs Mentally Ill Or Is He Doing Drugs?

Miami Attorney Bruce JacobsJacobs also challenged the referee. He alleged he was a victim of selective prosecution in the disciplinary proceeding. The referee rejected that defense. Jacobs also claimed the referee failed to prove he presented false evidence and didn’t disclose evidence.

In an emailed statement Jacobs said he disagrees with the ruling. He also claimed he was doing his job. He made a wacked out statement claiming he was acting as a Fair Housing Act whistleblower:

“I believe this all violates my First Amendment rights and the protections afforded to whistleblowers under the Fair Housing Act,”

Jacobs also stated:

“It violates my clients’ constitutional rights. It violates equal protection. I am fighting to protect and defend the constitution. Isn’t that the whole point of our judicial system?”

The Florida Bar didn’t comment on the ruling and referred to filings in the case.

Jacobs openly brags on his Facebook page about filing frivolous bar complaints against a dozen lawyers alleging fraud on the court. He also claims he is going to take his suspension to the US Supreme Court if he has to. 

Jacobs statements show that he is not right in the head. Is Jacobs mentally ill? Is he on drugs? One can only guess.

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