MFI-Miami Commands Results

MFI-Miami Commands Results

Since its creation in 2008, MFI-Miami has helped homeowners receive $750 million in principal write downs and dismissed mortgages from mortgage servicers and lenders. Call us today at (888) 737-6344 to learn more.

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Tampa Lawyer And Paralegal

Tampa Lawyer And Paralegal Busted Scamming Foreclosure Victims

Tampa Lawyer And Paralegal Convinced Foreclosure Victims To Sign Over Their Homes. They Then...

Miami Developer Caroline Weiss

Miami Developer Caroline Weiss Accused Of Multiple Counts Of Fraud

Lawsuit Alleges Wannabe Miami Developer Caroline Weiss Perpetrated A Multi-Million Dollar Fraud Scheme Against...

Steroidal Family Feud

Steroidal Family Feud Goes Medieval

Steroidal Family Feud Goes Medieval: Judge Orders Two Retired Sisters To Riker’s Island Where...

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