MFI-Miami Offers Mortgage Compliance And Mortgage Fraud Expert Witness Services For Homeowners 

Do you need an expert witness for your foreclosure?

Homeowners who successfully stop a foreclosure hire an expert witness.  

Steve Dibert and MFI-Miami offer expert witness services for foreclosure defense lawyers.

MFI-Miami also assists in mortgage fraud criminal defense cases.

Steve Dibert has testified or sat for depositions in foreclosure cases in five different states.

MFI-Miami CEO Steve Dibert is also available to consult on most foreclosure cases. 

Steve Dibert has over 25 years of experience in mortgage lending. He also has 12 years experience investigating mortgage fraud.

Steve Dibert has originated and manage mortgage offices. This includes loan officers and underwriters. He also has experience processing and bundling loans to be sold on the secondary market.

In addition, Steve Dibert has also worked in commercial lending. He has done financing for casinos in Macau. In addition, he has worked on financing hotels in Central America. 

Steve Dibert also understands Costa Rican real estate. A group of real estate investors hired Steve Dibert in 2010 to investigate the vertical chain of title of 200 lots in Costa Rica.

Steve Dibert sensed a pending financial crisis on the horizon in the spring of 2008. As a result, he started MFI-Miami in May 2008. This was nearly 6 months before the 2008 financial crisis that almost destroyed the world economy.

MFI-Miami’s Expert Witness Services Also Offer The Services Of A Former FBI Special Agent 

MFI-Miami also has access to former FBI Special Agent Al Horton. Al Horton is a financial fraud investigator and internationally recognized CPA.

Mr. Horton was part of the FBI’s Joint Strike Force at the USAO in Baltimore. He investigated cases involving bank fraud, asset forfeiture, money laundering. 

Mr. Horton has also investigated political corruption and organized crime cases.

He has also been involved with numerous financial investigations on civil and criminal cases. He has worked with the United States Attorney’s Office in Miami on cases involving money laundering and RICO. 

Mr. Horton has also performed regulatory compliance audits and account reviews on high-risk private bank accounts for the banking industry. 

He is a member of the Miami-Dade County Mayor’s Task Force on Mortgage Fraud.

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