Nutty Lawyer Bruce Jacobs Facing Minimum 3 Month Suspension From Practicing Law. However, Florida Supreme Court Could Make It A Multi-Year Suspension

nutty lawyer bruce jacobsThe Florida Supreme Court should be making a decision soon regarding suspending nutty lawyer Bruce Jacobs.

Jacobs is facing a minimum three month suspension from practicing law. In addition, he is facing a minimum of two years of supervision. However, the Florida Bar is pushing for a multi-year suspension.

Miami-Dady County Judge Betsy Zane-Alvarez is recommending the 3-month suspension. The recommendation is a clear win for Jacobs and his lawyers Ben Kuehne and Roy Wasson as the Bar had sought a multi-year suspension for the controversial lawyer.

The courts have continually scolded the nutty lawyer for his inept litigation skills. Jacobs area of specialty is foreclosure defense. He’s also known for disparaging judges.

Jacobs was facing three complaints. Two from the Third DCA and one from Civil Judge Michael Hanzman. Judge Hanzman filed his complaint with the Bar while two 3rd DCA complaints were already being litigated. Judge Hanzman wrote:

In sum, Mr. Jacobs is unrepentant, undeterred, and continues to engage in the exact same behavior he was sanctioned for and which is now presumably being investigated by the bar.         

Nutty Lawyer Bruce Jacobs Knows You Can’t Act This Way As a Lawyer         

Nutty Lawyer Bruce JacobsThe nutty lawyer has made a multitude of disparaging comments about the 3rd DCA.

Jacobs alleges that the Third DCA ignored Florida Supreme Court precedent and violated standards of review.

He also claimed that its decisions were so antithetical to the Constitution as to be traitorous and could constitute treason. However, he did praise the coffee in the attorney lounge at the 3rd DCA Courthouse.

As you can see below in Judge Alvarez-Zane’s painstakingly detailed order, Jacobs said and wrote a lot of stuff lawyers should not say. Not only once but multible times. Is this a sign that Bruce Jacobs isn’t right in the head? 

So, the next big question is, will the Florida Supreme Court affirm the punishment or will they increase it?

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(2) Comments

  • Muriel Fiedler 14:20:26 pm February 27, 2022

    Mr. Jacobs is a distinguished attorney. Please show some respect. He is telling the truth. I can back him up on this with our own documentary evidence.

  • Stephen Dibert 14:20:26 pm February 27, 2022

    If he was so “distinguished”, why is he facing disbarment?

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