Citigroup Slapped with $8.6 Million Fine From Federal Reserve

Citigroup Fined $8.6 Million By Federal Reserve For Robo-Signing Related Issues The Federal Reserve leveled an $8.6 million fine against CitiGroup on Friday. The Federal Reserve stated the fine was due to the “deficient execution and notarization of certain mortgage affidavits. The issue stems from Citigroup’s exit from the mortgage servicing business back in 2017. The […]

mortgage fraud investigations

MFI-Miami Slashes Prices On Mortgage Fraud Investigations!

MFI-Miami Owner Channels Crazy Eddie And Goes Insane! He Slashes Prices On Mortgage Fraud Investigations  MFI-Miami has slashed the prices on mortgage fraud investigations to as low as $500! Lawyers at the law firms I work with keep asking me if I have gone insane offering this incredibly low price. I can assure everyone I am very sane but there […]

Mr. Cooper Mortgage

NAMBLA Is Going To Love Mr. Cooper Mortgage

Donations To NAMBLA Seem Appropriate Since Mr. Cooper Mortgage Has A History Of Financially Molesting People An open letter to Mr. Cooper Mortgage CEO Jay Bray. 12/7/2017 Dear Jay Bray,  I know you’re a busy guy like me, so I will make this letter short and to the point. MFI-Miami did investigative work for a […]

Bank of America Foreclosure Defense

The Bank of America Foreclosure Defense Team With A Track Record Of Body Slamming Bank of America MFI-Miami has created a specialized Bank of America Foreclosure Defense Team just for BofA customers. The team’s focus will solely on developing strategies for homeowners to defeat BofA in a foreclosure battle. MFI-Miami will also give homeowners their […]

Reverse Mortgages

Non-Borrower Spouses Are Protected On Reverse Mortgages

Federal Courts Have Provided Non-Borrower Spouses With Protections From Reverse Mortgage Foreclosure Non-Borrower Spouses whose names were not on Reverse Mortgages were pretty screwed when the spouse died. However, in 2013, the federal court in the District of Columbia handed down a landmark ruling. The ruling recognized the need to protect surviving spouses in this situation. Bennett […]

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