CFPB Has Spanked BofA

CFPB Has Spanked BofA With A $12 Million Fine

CFPB Has Spanked BofA With A $12 Million Penalty For Violating HMDA And Regulation C The CFPB has spanked BofA with another fine. Bank of America signed a consent agreement say the bank violated the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act. HMDA mandates mortgage lenders report specific information about loan applications and originations to federal regulators. The […]

bank branch bloodbath

Bank Branch Bloodbath Continues

Bank Branch Bloodbath Continues As Wells Fargo Closes 15 Branches And BofA Closes Seven In A Week The bank branch bloodbath continued last week as Wells Fargo And BofA filed to close 24 branches last week. US banks are in an ongoing scramble to eliminate costly brick and mortar banking locations. Wells Fargo plans to […]

Bank Branch Bloodbath

Bank Branch Bloodbath: Major Banks Close Another 19 Locations

Bank Branch Bloodbath Continues As Bank of America And Chase To Close Another 15 Locations The bank branch bloodbath continues! Bank of America filed to close nine branches with the OCC last week. Chase filed to close six more. Citizens and Trustco are each closing a branch each. Patriot and US Bank also reported one […]

Banks Are Shuttering Branches

More Banks Are Shuttering Branches

More Banks Are Shuttering Branches. Fifth Third Bank Shutters 19 Branches, Citizens Bank Closes 7 Branches and PNC Axes 3. The newest trend in banking is expanding as more banks are shuttering branches. Fifth Third Bank filed notice with the OCC last week they are closing 19 brick-and-mortar locations across the country. Unfortunately, they are […]


Citigroup Slapped with $8.6 Million Fine From Federal Reserve

Citigroup Fined $8.6 Million By Federal Reserve For Robo-Signing Related Issues The Federal Reserve leveled an $8.6 million fine against CitiGroup on Friday. The Federal Reserve stated the fine was due to the “deficient execution and notarization of certain mortgage affidavits. The issue stems from Citigroup’s exit from the mortgage servicing business back in 2017. The […]

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