suspended lawyer bruce jacobs

Suspended Lawyer Busted Pressuring Former Clients For Money

Former Clients Of Suspended Lawyer Bruce Jacobs Accuse Him Of Pressuring Them To Pay Him Exorbitant Fees As An Expert Witness It appears suspended lawyer Bruce Jacobs’ ballyhooed foray into flipping distressed properties isn’t panning out. Jacobs’ former foreclosure clients are alleging that he is aggressively pressuring them to hire him as an Expert Witness […]

Florida Lawyer Bruce Jacobs

Foreclosure Lawyer Bruce Jacobs Sells Out To The Dark Side

Suspended Foreclosure Lawyer Bruce Jacobs Sells Out And Takes A Job With Bottom Feeding Property Investor Tony Stern Unsurprisingly, suspended bottom feeding foreclosure lawyer Bruce Jacobs has finally sold his soul. However, that is if you want to assume he ever had one. Jacobs has taken a job with Property Onion. Property Onion is operated […]

foreclosed properties

Buying Foreclosed Properties 101: 5 Things Realtors Don’t Tell You

The Five Things Realtors Don’t Have To Tell You When Buying Foreclosed Properties You and your new bride want to buy a house together so you can start a family. You want something affordable that won’t break your bank account or empty out all the loot you received as wedding gifts. So you start looking […]

Abandoned Properties

Surprise! Detroit Does Not Have The Most Abandoned Properties In The US

Detroit’s Abandoned Properties Aren’t Even In The Top Ten The financial website 24/7 WallStreet today posted its list of the 10 U.S. cities with the highest rates of property abandonment and surprisingly Detroit is not on the list. Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan is probably going to breathe a sigh of relief when he reads this […]

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