Bank of America Has Prevailed

Bank of America Has Prevailed In Ghetto Loans Lawsuit

Bank of America Has Prevailed In The Cook County Ghetto Loans Lawsuit As 7th Circuit Court of Appeals Rules In It’s Favor Bank of America has prevailed in a ghetto loans lawsuit brought against it by Cook County, Illinois. Cook County sued the bank alleging predatory mortgage loans to Black and Hispanic borrowers in the Chicago […]

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Bank of America Is Cranking Up Foreclosures In New York

Bank of America Is Cranking Up New York Foreclosures! Are You Prepared? Call 888.737.6344 Before It’s Too Late! Bank of America is sparking up New York foreclosures. This is bad news for New York homeowners because Bank of America is hellbent on taking your home!  Therefore, MFI-Miami has teamed up with several New York law […]

Bank of America Mortgage Production

Bank of America Mortgage Production Plummets 40 Percent

Bank of America Mortgage Production Plummeted From $14.5 Billion In The 2nd Quarter To $8.7 billion In 3rd Quarter  Bank of America mortgage production plummeted to $8.7 billion in the 3rd quarter. However, it was not all bad news. The bank delivered increases in revenues and net income in the third quarter of 2022. This […]

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US Bank Runs Away From Florida’s Marginalized Homeowners

US Bank Runs From Florida Housing Faster Than OJ Simpson In A Hertz Commercial And Without Warning In what might be a sign of a larger exit from the lending business, US Bank recently terminated its long-time relationship with Florida Housing Finance Corporation aka FL Housing. FL Housing is the state’s agency for, “Affordable housing […]

Bank of America Reports Double-Digit Drop In Mortgages

Bank of America Reports Mortgage Originations Are Down 11.5% In Second Quarter Bank of America reports that customers haven’t slowed down their activities despite a fear of a recession. In addition. Bank of America reported that deposits have grown to a record level above $1 trillion. The bank also says consumer spending is increasing for […]

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