US Bank runs

US Bank Runs Away From Florida’s Marginalized Homeowners

US Bank Runs From Florida Housing Faster Than OJ Simpson In A Hertz Commercial And Without Warning In what might be a sign of a larger exit from the lending business, US Bank recently terminated its long-time relationship with Florida Housing Finance Corporation aka FL Housing. FL Housing is the state’s agency for, “Affordable housing […]

Bank of America Reports Double-Digit Drop In Mortgages

Bank of America Reports Mortgage Originations Are Down 11.5% In Second Quarter Bank of America reports that customers haven’t slowed down their activities despite a fear of a recession. In addition. Bank of America reported that deposits have grown to a record level above $1 trillion. The bank also says consumer spending is increasing for […]

Feds Bitchslap Bank Of America

Feds Bitchslap Bank of America With $225 Million Fine

Feds Bitchslap Bank of America With $225 Million Fine. Feds Claim BofA Froze Prepaid Cards For People Seeking Jobless Benefits.  The Feds bitchslap Bank of America with a $225 million fine by Federal regulators. The government accused the bank of shortcomings in how they handled jobless benefits during the COVID-19 pandemic.  The OCC and CFPB […]


Bank of America COVID-19 Foreclosure Defense: Call 888.737.6344

The Bank of America COVID-19 Foreclosure Defense Hotline Helps You Fight A Bank of America Foreclosure! Call 888.737.6344 MFI-Miami has created a Bank of America COVID-19 Foreclosure Defense Hotline to put you in touch with our Bank Of America foreclosure defense team. The team’s focus is solely on helping homeowners develop strategies to fight Bank […]

Countrywide’s America’s Wholesale Lender Scam Creating Title Issues Decades Later

Countrywide Financial May Be Gone But It’s America’s Wholesale Lender Scam Is Creating Title Nightmares Decades Later MFI-Miami has been receiving lots of phone calls lately about the now-defunct Countrywide Financial’s America’s Wholesale Lender scam. Distraught title agents and homeowners are calling MFI-Miami in a panic. They are asking what to do about mortgage liens […]

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