Rudy Giuliani Is Officially Disbarred In New York

It’s Official! Rudy Giuliani Is Officially Disbarred. New York Supreme Court Says He Can No Longer Practice Law In New York The New York state Supreme Court made it official on Tuesday. Rudy Giuliani is officially disbarred. The NYS Bar is not pleased with Giuliani’s involvement in Donald Trump’s election interference efforts in 2020. The […]

Roger Rathbun

Roger Rathbun: The Downfall Of A Bullying Foreclosure Mill Lawyer

Roger Rathbun Went From Being A Bullying Foreclosure Mill Attorney To A Disbarred Homeless Addict   Former Kronenberg Kelly attorney Roger Rathbun was on top of the world 10 years ago. Every foreclosure mill in Florida wanted him and they paid through the nose to get him. They brought him in on difficult foreclosure cases.  Rathbun […]

Fake Real Estate Tycoon

Fake Real Estate Tycoon Caroline Weiss Beats Fraud Lawsuit

Florida 3rd DCA Rules In Favor Of Fake Real Estate Tycoon Caroline Weiss. 3rd DCA Shows They Have Less Credibility Than The Judges On American Idol In May, the 3rd DCA rubber stamped appears to be a very biased decision by Miami Judge Migna Sanchez-Llorens. In 2022, Sanchez-Llorens ruled against Adeena Weiss-Ortiz in her fraud […]

Colorado Lawyer

Colorado Attorney Has His License Suspended For Using ChatGPT

Colorado Attorney Has Law License Suspended For Using ChatGPT For Briefs After It Cited Fake Cases The Colorado Bar has suspended a Colorado attorney Zachariah Crabill after he admitted to using ChatGPT in court motions. The law firm where he worked also fired him. The Colorado Bar suspended him for one year and one day. […]

$7 million romance scam

$7 Million Romance Scam Busted

New York And Florida Women Arrested For Defrauding Over A Dozen Victims In A $7 Million Romance Scam The United States Attorney in Manhattan have arrested two women running a $7 million romance scam. Federal prosecutors charged Rosanna Lisa Stanley and Gina Guy for their roles in a series of romance schemes. They also accuse […]

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