Introduction To MFI-Miami

MFI-Miami-LogoWall Street executives have known who MFI-Miami is for 13 years. However, homeowners may need an introduction to MFI-Miami. Why? Because most homeowners don’t know who we are until they go into foreclosure and learn about us from the internet.

MFI-Miami investigates cases and assists lawyers in cases where we believe the lawyers we work with can successfully utilize our combined 60 years of financial experience. We are industry experts who help liberate victims from the slave masters of the 21st Century. 

MFI-Miami is recognized internationally for investigating mortgage fraud. We also investigate title fraud and mortgage compliance. In addition, we investigate predatory lending and mortgage securitization. 

Introduction To MFI-Miami: More About Our Team

We offer a host of investigative services and litigation support to attorneys. We offer litigation support and expert guidance to attorneys representing homeowners in wrongful foreclosure actions.

MFI-Miami also offers our services to defrauded MBS bond investors and their attorneys. In addition, we offer litigation support to people accused of mortgage or short sale fraud.

We also have access to forensic accountants and former FBI agents that most attorneys don’t have. In addition, we also have access to banking and mortgage compliance experts. Furthermore, we have access to collateralized debt experts. This gives us unparalleled strength to help any homeowner and their  attorneys challenge any prosecutor or financial institution. 

Members of our team have given depositions and testified in foreclosure cases in Florida, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey New York and Pennsylvania. In addition, one of our team members has received special recognition from the US Treasury and the US Department of Justice.

Most importantly, we utilize our political connections in Tallahassee and Washington D.C. to pressure lenders to work with our clients and their attorneys. MFI-Miami also has direct access to a plethora of financial journalists eager for stories to report on. 

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