Dan Gilbert

Is Dan Gilbert Selling Rocket Mortgage?

Is Dan Gilbert Selling Rocket Mortgage Amid Plummeting Originations, Layoffs And Talks Of “Industry Consolidations”? There is no doubt that the past year was horrible for Dan Gilbert and Rocket Mortgage. The company saw profits plummet faster than contestants on a Japanese game show. So, is Dan Gilbert selling Rocket Mortgage? Seriously, Rocket Mortgage has […]

New American Funding

New American Funding Lays Off 240 Employees

Broker Solutions Incorporated Doing Business as New American Funding Lays Off 240 Employees California-based New American Funding (NAF) said Tuesday it has reduced its workforce by about 240 positions this week. It had previously laid off employees in August. Broker Solutions Incorporated doing business as New American Funding is a family-owned company. Broker Solutions started […]

one million american homeowners

One Million American Homeowners Fear Foreclosure

One Million American Homeowners Fear Losing Their Homes To Foreclosure In The Next 60 Days One million American homeowners are worried. Thanks to high home prices and inflation. These two things are making it difficult for households to afford necessary expenses. As a result, some people are falling behind on their mortgage payments. Thus, they […]

HomePoint Has Finally

Homepoint Has Finally Admitted It Has Shed 75% Of It’s Workforce

Homepoint Has Finally Admitted That It Shed Over 3,000 Employees.  Homepoint has finally admitted that it has shrunk its workforce. The company says it’s workforce of 4,000 workers in summer of 2021 down to 1,000. The wholesale lender laid off 913 employees according to WARN notices filed in Arizona, Florida, Michigan and Texas. Homepoint has […]

Homepoint Has Laid Off

Homepoint Has Laid Off 100+ Employees

Homepoint Has Laid Off 100+ Employees. Company Expects To Save $100 Million Per Year With Layoffs Homepoint has laid off more than 100 employees this week. The company has been taking it to the gut with its price war with UWM. The company confirmed the layoffs on Wednesday and Thursday. They say the layoffs are […]

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