Camp Lejeune Lawsuits

Camp Lejeune Lawsuits: Law Firms Are Bungling The Marketing

Law Firms Are Wasting Money By Saturating The Market With Ineffective Camp Lejeune Lawsuit Advertising.  It seems that every attorney across America has become an expert on Camp Lejeune lawsuits in the past month.  Out of nowhere you are being bombarded with Camp Lejeune ads on TV and on social media. Everyone is jumping on […]

one million american homeowners

One Million American Homeowners Fear Foreclosure

One Million American Homeowners Fear Losing Their Homes To Foreclosure In The Next 60 Days One million American homeowners are worried. Thanks to high home prices and inflation. These two things are making it difficult for households to afford necessary expenses. As a result, some people are falling behind on their mortgage payments. Thus, they […]

Norcom President

Norcom President Tells LOs To Push Loans On Hurricane Victims

Norcom President Phil DeFronzo Told LOs To Push Disaster Loans To Florida Homeowners As Hurricane Ian Began Pummeling The State Norcom President Phil DeFronzo sent out a companywide email to managers and LOs on Wednesday afternoon. But this was no ordinary email. The email told employees to push FHA 203H disaster loans on victims of […]

Sterling Bank & Trust

Sterling Bank & Trust Fined $6M Over Mortgage Fraud Issues

Sterling Bank & Trust Still Remains Under Criminal Investigation By Department Of Justice And The SEC The Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) on Tuesday said it has imposed a $6 million fine on Sterling Bank & Trust FSB. The OCC alleges the bank originated mortgage loans for about eight years using false or fraudulent information. […]

the goldman sachs

The Goldman Sachs Slaughter Begins!

The Goldman Sachs Slaughter Begins. Bank Fires Employees At All Levels After Dishing Out Bonuses And Hiking Salaries During Pandemic The Goldman Sachs mass slaughter has begun! The bank has launched a wave of mass layoffs of workers across the US. 18 months ago the bank was dishing out cushy bonuses and high salaries during […]

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