Novad Management

CFPB Bans Novad From Reverse Mortgage Servicing

CFPB Has Banned Novad Consulting From Servicing Reverse Mortgages For Failing To Properly Communicate With Mortgage Borrowers The CFPB has banned Novad Consulting from servicing reverse mortgages. HUD and CFPB had first ordered the company to stop illegal activities that harmed older homeowners. The CFPB found that NOVAD Management Consulting had inadequate resources and staffing […]

Rising Insurance Rates

Rising Insurance Costs And Property Taxes Are Triggering Lates

HOUSING CRISIS ALERT: Rising Insurance Costs And Property Taxes Are Triggering Mortgage Delinquencies An survey found the rising costs of insurance costs and property taxes are contributed to rise in delinquencies. This is not good news. It could create a housing crisis bigger than 2008.  What poses the greatest threat to rising mortgage delinquencies […]

Florida GOP State Senate

Florida GOP State Senate Candidate Busted Looting Orlando HOA

Florida GOP State Senate Candidate Cheryl “CJ” Blancett Busted Looting Orlando HOA. She Goes To Trial On September 23, 2024 Florida GOP State Senate candidate Cheryl “CJ” Blancett is on the ballot for the August  20th primary. Blancett faces Bowen Kou and Keith Truenow in the August primary. She calls herself the, “Gladiator of the US […]

Rudy Giuliani Is Officially Disbarred In New York

It’s Official! Rudy Giuliani Is Officially Disbarred. New York Supreme Court Says He Can No Longer Practice Law In New York The New York state Supreme Court made it official on Tuesday. Rudy Giuliani is officially disbarred. The NYS Bar is not pleased with Giuliani’s involvement in Donald Trump’s election interference efforts in 2020. The […]

Roger Rathbun

Roger Rathbun: The Downfall Of A Bullying Foreclosure Mill Lawyer

Roger Rathbun Went From Being A Bullying Foreclosure Mill Attorney To A Disbarred Homeless Addict   Former Kronenberg Kelly attorney Roger Rathbun was on top of the world 10 years ago. Every foreclosure mill in Florida wanted him and they paid through the nose to get him. They brought him in on difficult foreclosure cases.  Rathbun […]

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