Financial Necromancer SLS

Financial Necrophiliac SLS Is Still Trying To Collect Zombie Debt

Financial Necrophiliac SLS Is Still Trying To Illegally Collect On Decades Old Zombie Debt From Homeowners.  Financial necromancer SLS is still at it. They are still trying to collect on decades old zombie second mortgage debt from homeowners. Most of the homeowners that Specialized Loan Servicing are illegally harassing had their second mortgages wiped out […]

FAPA Is Facing

FAPA Is Facing Well Funded Legal Challenges From Wall Street

Attention New York Homeowners In Foreclosure: FAPA Is Facing Serious Legal Challenges From Deep Pocketed Wall Street Bankers. It has been a little over six months since the Foreclosure Abuse Prevention Act (FAPA) went into effect. As predicted when it was signed into law, FAPA is now facing serious legal challenges from deep pocketed Wall […]

New York FAPA Law

New York FAPA Law: How FAPA Can Help Stop Your Foreclosure

The New York FAPA Law Gives New York Homeowners The Ability To Body Slam Their Lenders In A Foreclosure! The New York FAPA Law (Foreclosure Abuse Prevention Act) went into effect on January 1st. FAPA was created because judges across New York were fed up with lenders abusing the New York court system. As a […]

new york foreclosure defense strategies

New York Foreclosure Defense Strategies That Work

MFI-Miami Offers The Best New York Foreclosure Defense Strategies To Keep You In Your Home. Call 888.737.6344 MFI-Miami has teamed up with a dynamic super charged law firm to offer New York homeowners some of the best foreclosure defense strategies to fight New York foreclosures.  We have teamed up with the Law Offices of Kevin T. […]

sls scam alert

SLS Scam Alert: SLS Busted Shaking Down New Yorkers

SLS SCAM ALERT: Specialized Loan Servicing Is Shaking Down New York Homeowners Over Zombie Loans. However, SLS Can’t Prove They Own The Debt.  SLS SCAM ALERT! SLS is at it again! They are shaking down New York homeowners again. This time they are acting like a mafia crime boss. Unfortunately, this time it appears Specialized […]

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