Federal Judge In Maryland Green Lights Bank of America Housing Discrimination Lawsuit 

Bank of America Housing DiscriminationA federal judge in Maryland denied a motion Thursday to dismiss a Bank of America housing Discrimination lawsuit. 20 housing groups and two homeowners filed the suit against Bank of America and Safeguard Properties Management. 

The suit was filed in June of 2018. The housing groups accuse the two companies of intentionally failing to provide routine exterior maintenance. They also accuse BofA of not marketing the BofA-owned homes in Black and Latino neighborhoods. However, BofA consistently maintains similar bank-owned properties in white neighborhoods. Plaintiffs also say BofA actively markets those properties.

NFHA said the lawsuit was the culmination of a multi-year investigation by the organization and its fair housing partners. The review included more than 1,600 Bank of America-owned homes in White and minority neighborhoods.

Details of the companies’ alleged discrimination first arose last summer when they filed suit. I was then that the shocking details came to light. 

The plaintiffs presented extensive photographic evidence of the disrepair apparent in minority neighborhoods.

By contrast, the lawsuit alleges that in predominantly white neighborhoods, homes are far more likely to have the lawns mowed and doors secured or repaired. They are also more like to have debris and trash removed.

NFHA claims it first made Bank of America aware of these problems back in 2009, and even offered recommendations for improvement. However, the bank made no improvements.

The Judge’s ruling pleased the NFHA:

Bank of America and Safeguard must be held accountable for their discriminatory actions, must make substantial changes to their policies and practices.

Now, it appears the lender will have to answer for the disparity in court.

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