Racist Florida Home Appraiser

Racist Florida Home Appraiser Undervalues Home Of Mixed Raced Family

Racist Florida Home Appraiser Busted Undervaluing Mixed Race Family’s Home By $135,000  Abena and Alex Horton are accusing a racist Florida home appraiser of purposely undervaluing their home in Jacksonville, Florida. The appraiser appraised the home in June for $330,000. The home appraised for significantly lower than other homes in the area. the homes in […]

Bank of America Housing Discrimination

Bank of America Housing Discrimination Lawsuit Gets A Green Light

Federal Judge In Maryland Green Lights Bank of America Housing Discrimination Lawsuit  A federal judge in Maryland denied a motion Thursday to dismiss a Bank of America housing Discrimination lawsuit. 20 housing groups and two homeowners filed the suit against Bank of America and Safeguard Properties Management.  The suit was filed in June of 2018. The […]

BofA violated

BofA Violated Fair Housing Act Says Civil Rights Groups

Civil Rights Groups Sue BofA Claiming BofA Violated Fair Housing Act Civil rights groups are coming together to bring a lawsuit against Bank of America and Safeguard Properties Management. They claim that Safeguard and BofA violated the Fair Housing Act. The National Fair Housing Alliance and two homeowners from Maryland filed a lawsuit against the two companies. The 19 groups […]

Sicko pervert landlords

Sicko Pervert Landlords Settle With HUD In 3 States

Sicko Pervert Landlords And State Housing Agencies Settle With HUD In Three States  Sicko pervert landlords and state housing agencies in 3 states have reached a $125,000 settlement with HUD. HUD and the DOJ had launched an initiative three weeks ago to crack down on sexual harassment in housing.  Sexual harassment is a form of […]

New York Landlord

New York Landlord Demanded Sexual Favors From Female Tenants

Sicko New York Landlord Demanded Sexual Favors From And Groped Female Tenants An upstate New York landlord apparently thought the property sex videos he watches on Pornhub are real. Now Douglas S. Waterbury is in trouble with the feds for violating the Fair Housing Act. The Department of Justice alleges Waterbury pressured female tenants and prospective female tenants […]

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