Ted Visner Is A Victim Of His Own Bad Judgment Not Government Tyranny

Ted VisnerSeveral weeks ago, Angry Wing Nut Ted Visner posted a video promising to kill anyone from Michigan law enforcement who attempted to evict him from a house he is squatting in with his girlfriend. Visner also threatened to kill himself thinking it will trigger a revolution. He believes his followers will rise up and overthrow the corrupt tyranny of the U.S. government, the state of Michigan and Isabella County.

Ted Visner claims the county plotted to illegally evict him from a home he and his “wife” Kathy Smith allegedly bought on a land contract in 2010. 

The Truth Behind Ted Visner And His 2010 Eviction 

Ted Visner has been trying to convince people that sheriff deputies illegally evicted him in 2010. He believes they were under the command of the Sheriff Department’s secretary, Shelly Sweet. 

Visner also claims deputies raided the property he and Kathy Smith bought from Sweet in Mount Pleasant, Michigan.

In addition, Ted Visner also claims that Sweet’s “self-help” eviction with her friends in the Sheriff’s Department violated his due process rights. Visner is promoting a conspiracy theory that the Sheriff’s Department has been colluding with the Isabella County government and the state to silence him.

Ted Visner is telling alternative media stories that contradict Visner’s own Chapter 7 Bankruptcy filing. He and Kathy Smith filed a joint Chapter 7 bankruptcy application on August 10, 2010. 

Visner BK-829 E. Walton Rd. Eviction Hearing

The bankruptcy filing also shows Sweet and Smith entered into a verbal month-to-month tenancy agreement for the property in December 2009. 

Sweet served Smith with a Notice to Quit/Termination of Tenancy for failing to pay rent on July 19, 2010. Sweet served Smith with a Complaint to Terminate Tenancy in late July with an order to appear at an eviction on September 7th.

Visner and Smith filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy on August 10th and listed Sweet as a creditor. Smith and Visner owed Sweet rent for July and August in the amount of $5000. Smith and Visner list 7287 E. Fremont Road as their primary residence.

Ted Visner is currently living in the Fremont Road house with Danielle Austin. They are both facing eviction.

Smith filed what appears to be a bogus construction lien on Sweet’s property in the amount of $6,177.67 on August 13, 2010. Smith filed a discharge of the construction lien later that day but post-dated it 9/7/2010.

Visner And Smith Voluntarily Left The Property

A hearing was held on the Complaint to Terminate Tenancy on September 7, 2010.

Sweet’s attorney informed the court that Visner and Sweet had filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy. He also stated the property appeared to be vacant.

Visner and Smith’s bankruptcy attorney attended the hearing representing Visner and Smith. She did not object to the court entering a Judgment of Possession by default on September 7, 2010.

Sweet’s realtor Larry Bean inspected the property on September 10, 2010. Bean testified that it was apparent that Smith and Visner vacated the property. However, Smith and Visner still had items inside the house.

On September 15, 2010, a Section 341 Examination was held between Smith and her creditors including Shelly Sweet. Smith testified she and Visner had vacated the property.

Sweet informed Smith at the hearing that she would be taking possession of the property as of 7:00 am on September 26, 2010. Sweet informed Smith that any personal property on the premises on that date would be deemed abandoned by Smith. Smith did not object.

Ted Visner filed a motion to set aside the Sweet’s sale of the property. Visner’s motion was denied.

Ted Visner Tries To Shake Down The Isabella County Sheriff

Visner claims that he went to the property on September 27, 2010. The day after Sweet took legal possession of the property to find his possessions gone and the locks changed. All of this is detailed in emails Ted Visner sent to Sheriff Leo Mioduszewski at the end of February of 2011.

Visner also makes dubious claims in emails that he had over $45,000 worth of personal property taken from the property. This contradicts Visner’s bankruptcy filing. Visner states he only had $2500 worth of personal property inside the home when he filed bankruptcy.

It appears Ted Visner is a victim of his own bad business decisions not the crushing oppression of the Obama Administration or Isabella County. 

Did Ted Visner Think He Could Play Donald Trump?

It appears Ted Visner felt he could play Donald Trump after watching the first season of The Apprentice. Visner at one time owned five properties across Michigan with the property in Isabella County belonging to Kathy Smith.

Three of Visner’s properties were in the post-Sheriff’s Sale redemption period when he filed bankruptcy. Visner owed his various lenders roughly $230,000 when he filed bankruptcy.

He also owed nearly $5,000 in unpaid property taxes on two others. In addition, Visner also owed investors and contractors nearly $69,000.

He also owed $30,000 in unpaid child support payments to the state of Washington on behalf of Cynthia Hager.

Ted Visner Attempts To Play Oliver Wendell Holmes

Ted Visner filed a nonsensical brief attempting to stop his eviction from the Fremont Road property. The brief literally contained a diarrhea of fonts.

Visner obviously cut and pasted passages off the internet sites like Wikipedia and Michigan.gov He also regurgitated other nonsensical motions he has filed over the years.

Visner Bank of America eviction

Visner’s latest attempt to play Oliver Wendell Holmes is laughable. He is demanding a Writ of Habeas Corpus.

A Writ of Habeas Corpus is a legal term in criminal law. How this applies to Ted Visner and his eviction one can only guess. Visner’s case is a civil case, not a criminal case. Therefore, a Writ of Habeas Corpus is meaningless.

Ted Visner Claims He Is A Victim Of A Mass Conspiracy

Visner also claims that the foreclosure and eviction on the Fremont Road property is some type of mass conspiracy. Visner writes in his brief:

“The Defendants,  Mr. Ted Visner and Ms. Kathy A. Smith, apparently have been the victims of a well organized and premeditated plan to steal their personal belongings and home in the past.

They claim that they can even prove to the Court that they have been victims of a conspiracy that can be considered to be a mafia the County of Isabella.”

Ted Visner got one thing partially right in his brief. MCL 400.3240 states that mortgagors with agriculturally zoned properties are allowed a 12-month redemption period.  The standard redemption period on a single family home is 6 months. 

However, Michigan’s right to redemption only applies to the mortgagor and Ted Visner is not the mortgagor. Kathy Smith can claim she is the mortgagor because she is the only one listed on the deed, the note and mortgage. The rights of a mortgagor do not apply to husbands, boyfriends, tenants or squatters. Visner is unable to make the claim that the property is a marital home since Smith owned it prior to marrying Visner, even if they did obtain a marriage license.

According to the motion cover sheet Visner filed with the court, Kathy Smith does not reside in the house. She lives at 110 East Main Street, Edmore, MI. Edmore is in Montcalm County, not Isabella County. Visner also claims he is currently sharing Smith’s house with his live-in girlfriend, Danielle Austin. 

Alleged Kiddie Porn Trafficking Group Steps Up To Help Ted Visner

The Michigan Chapter of Action For Justice is representing Ted Visner. Visner describes AXJ as an “International Civil and Political Rights Organization,” in his motion. Yet, Visner signed the motion as a pro-se litigant. 

AXJ was founded by John Aster. Aster is a convicted Australian kiddie porn trafficker. Aster’s arrest was big news in Australia according to news reports from Australia.

Aster’s wife allegedly left him and was able to get the Australian court to bar him from having access to his daughter. Police discovered Aster had over 15,000 images of child pornography on his computer.  Aster ratted out other pedophiles across the globe in order to avoid prison time.

Aster then allegedly recruited pedophiles to aid him in his cover-up of his own network of pedophiles. He and his friends then allegedly set out to create a new network. 

Aster named it, “Action For Justice” or AXJ. AXJ claims it is an “International Civil Rights Organization” when in reality its an alleged cover for a global pedophile and child pornography sharing network. 

Aster and Ed Vallejo in California were stupid enough to try to start a war with Anonymous. AXJ tried to portray itself as a news organization and making people think they are part of Anonymous. 

After you weed through all of Ted Visner’s crazy legal arguments and his bullshit claims of government oppression, it boils down to the simple truth that Visner is a desperate guy with no money and nowhere to go if he loses the house he and Danielle Austin are squatting in. 

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