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Fat Lady Sings In Ted Visner’s Wagnarian Opera

Ted Visner’s Wagnerian Opera About His Imaginary Government Persecution Ends As Federal Judge Denies His Restraining Order To Stop Foreclosure Eviction It appears the fat lady has finally sung in Ted Visner’s Wagnerian Opera that has gripped Isabella County for five years. U.S. District Judge Thomas L. Ludington brought an end to Ted Visner’s Wagnerian […]

Sovereign Citizen

Crackpot Ted Visner Found Guilty In 20 Minutes

Jury Finds Crackpot Ted Visner Guilty Of Squatting, Trespassing, Driving W/Out Insurance & Driving An Unregistered Car In Less Than 20 Minutes A jury took 20 minutes to find Crackpot Ted Visner guilty of a plethora of misdemeanors. Visner was charged with squatting, trespassing, driving without insurance and driving an unregistered car.  The Isabella County […]

Ted Visner

Ted Visner And The Debt Hidden In His Tinfoil Hat

Ted Visner Is A Victim Of His Own Bad Judgment Not Government Tyranny Several weeks ago, Angry Wing Nut Ted Visner posted a video promising to kill anyone from Michigan law enforcement who attempted to evict him from a house he is squatting in with his girlfriend. Visner also threatened to kill himself thinking it […]

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