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Wannabe Domestic Terrorist Ted Visner Goes Nutso In BK Filing

Wannabe Domestic Terrorist, Convicted Squatter And Deadbeat Dad Ted Visner Goes Full Blown Sovereign Citizen Crazy On Federal Bankruptcy Judge Ted Visner is back for an encore. The wannabe domestic terrorist became an internet sensation when he threatened to shoot up law enforcement. Visner made the threat when Bank of America was attempting to evict him from […]

Sovereign Citizen

Crackpot Ted Visner Found Guilty In 20 Minutes

Jury Finds Crackpot Ted Visner Guilty Of Squatting, Trespassing, Driving W/Out Insurance & Driving An Unregistered Car In Less Than 20 Minutes A jury took 20 minutes to find Crackpot Ted Visner guilty of a plethora of misdemeanors. Visner was charged with squatting, trespassing, driving without insurance and driving an unregistered car.  The Isabella County […]

Sovereign Citizen

The Ted Visner Crazy Train Keeps On Rolling

The Ted Visner Crazy Train Continues On Its Non-Stop Express Service To Bizarro Land The Ted Visner Crazy Train keeps chugging along even with Ted Visner in jail. Sheriff’s Deputies busted Visner driving an unregistered vehicle and not having a valid insurance policy.  Ted Visner’s Arrest It all began on the morning of September 17th. Ted […]

Squatter Ted Visner

Top Ted Visner Militia Commander Commits Suicide

Brigadier General Funshine Bear Of The Ted Visner Militia Throws Himself In Front Of a Speeding Truck   The Ted Visner Militia, now known as the Visnerica Regiment, is in shock today as reports from the Isabella County Sheriff’s Department indicate that newly promoted Brigadier General Funshine Bear threw himself in front of a speeding […]

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Who Pays For Ted Visner’s Eviction?

The Cost For Ted Visner’s Eviction Could Exceed $150,000 & It Won’t Be Ted Visner Who Pays Ted Visner’s eviction has been the subject of dozens of emails that I have received from people since I started writing about Ted Visner’s eviction last month. Reporters, members of law enforcement and members of various militia groups have […]

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