Blowhard Bill Schuette

Blowhard Bill Schuette Campaign Stunt Blows Up In His Face

Blowhard Bill Schuette Whines About Blight But Ignored Complaints From Thousands Of Victims Of Foreclosure Abuse Committed By His Contributors Who Caused The Blight Michigan Gubernatorial candidate Blowhard Bill Schuette is a brilliant guy when it comes to exploiting the work of others for his political gain. Schuette has made it the cornerstone of his […]

Michigan Attorney General Has $40 Million Stashed In Offshore Tax Haven

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette Has $40 Million Hidden In An Offshore Tax Haven Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette has a $40 million real estate empire hidden in the Carribean. State lawmakers and his Republican colleagues want to know how and where Bill Schuette got $40 Million as a 32-year public servant.  Bill Schuette is […]

Financial Terrorist David Trott Quitting Congress

Former Financial Terrorist David Trott Announces Retirement From Congress Former Financial Terrorist David Trott aka El Gringo Bandito is leaving Congress at the end of his term. Trott announced his retirement Monday morning.  House Republicans were already bracing for a brutal 2018 election and Trott’s retirement doesn’t help. Democrats are giddy as they see another competitive […]

Don Beeler

Survivor Contestant Turned Scammer Busted For Kiddie Porn

Bible Salesman Turned Survivor Contestant Turned Ponzi Schemer, Mike Skupin Now Busted For Possession Of Kiddie Porn Mike Skupin the former Survivor contestant is heading to prison. Michigan AG Bill Schuette announced he is charging the former Internet Bible salesman and Ponzi scheme with five counts of larceny and one count of racketeering. In addition, Skupin […]

Making $12000

Detroit Lawyer Pleads Guilty In Foreclosure Rescue Scam

Attorney Steven Ruza Pleads Guilty To Screwing 143 Homeowners In Foreclosure Rescue Scam Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette today announced that he has secured a guilty plea from Steven Barry Ruza. Ruza pleaded guilty to scamming homeowners facing mortgage foreclosures out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Ruza will be responsible for paying restitution to the […]

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