Financial Terrorist and Congressional Candidate David Trott Builds $350K Pool House Only A Plutocrat Could Enjoy

“We feel like we’re on vacation, but we’re right in our own backyard,” -Kappy Trott

Trott Pool houseLast week, a Detroit based magazine named Traditional Homes posted pictures of a 750 square foot brick pool house with vaulted ceilings and a fire place, “whimsical” custom windows, a full kitchen with top shelf appliances and custom made cabinets. The bathroom which looks like something out of a French villa contained silver plated handles and faucets. Who owns this piece of opulence in the heart of Detroit’s suburbs that cost $350,000 to build? Why, it’s financial terrorist and congressional candidate, David Trott and his wife, Kappy.

According to Traditional Homes,

“The Trotts created their private resort just steps from the master bedroom when they renovated the kitchen, family room, and outdoor spaces of their Birmingham, Michigan, house. The updates included adding banks of French doors that open the back of the house to the yard, a new swimming pool, and a hot tub. Kappy planned to add a fire pit near the pool to create a cozy gathering place, but architect Victor Saroki had a bigger idea: Why not enclose a fireplace in a focal-point pool house at the back of the lot and create an all-year indoor-outdoor space?”

richie rich 4Trott like his most other foreclosure mills has his share of robo-signers who have forged documents that have been filed with Register of Deeds offices through out the state of Michigan.  Trott’s firm, Trott & Trott has attorneys like Ellen Coon, Marcy Ford, and Kenneth Kurel.  All of whom are also willing participants in the financial terrorism that have contributed to the destruction of Michigan’s housing market.

Trott & Trott also employs a system of “Dual Tracking” in order to foreclose on a homeowner.  Dual Tracking is where the foreclosure mill or mortgage servicer will convince the homeowner that they are working to keep them in their home while moving ahead with foreclosure proceedings.

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