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Yesterday, I posted an article about how documents allegedly signed by Kenneth Kurel, an attorney at Detroit based foreclosure mill, Trott & Trott appear to have been robo-signed by other people.  It now appears his colleague at Trott & Trott, Ellen Coon is poised to give  Marshall Isaacs at Troy based Orlans Associates some serious competition as Michigan’s reigning robo-signing champion.  MFI-Miami has found dozens of mortgage assignments from across Michigan allegedly signed by Ellen Coon, an attorney at Orlans’ cross town rival Trott & Trott.

Ellen Coon Docs

Ellen Coon’s signature varies from document to document.   All of them look nothing like her signature on any of the mortgage documents on the properties she has owned. The signatures also look nothing like the signature on a copy of a settlement agreement she signed in regards some litigation she and her husband were involved with in Leelanau County.

In all of these mortgage assignments filed with the various Register of Deeds across Michigan, Ellen Coon signs as Vice-President of MERS except for the second to last document where she signs as an “agent” for MERS.

Contrary to popular belief, there is nothing wrong with Ellen Coon signing as a Vice President of MERS as long as she is named on any corporate resolutions giving her authority to do so.  There is a problem if these documents were signed by someone other then Ellen Coon.  It appears that the majority of documents were not signed by Ellen Coon.




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