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Equifax Victims Swarm To Collect Settlement Checks

Federal Trade Commission Warns Equifax Victims They Will See Smaller Settlement Checks The Federal Trade Commission is facing an issue over the Equifax settlement. Droves of Equifax victims are choosing a $125 cash payment over credit monitoring. Consumers are blowing up the math of the mega-settlement announced July 22. The FTC is now saying Equifax […]

credit reporting agency

Credit Reporting Agency Equifax To Settle With FTC For $650M

Credit Reporting Agency Equifax To Pay $650 Million Settlement With Federal Trade Commission Credit reporting agency Equifax will pay around $650 million to settle with the Federal Trade Commission. The credit reporting agency experienced a massive data breach in 2017. The breach exposed Social Security numbers and other private information of nearly 150 million people. […]

Equifax Executive Busted For Insider Trading

Equifax Executive Jun Ying Admitted To Dumping Stock After Learning The Mass Data Breach Former Equifax Executive Jun Ying admitted in court that he dumped nearly $1 million in company stock after learning of the company’s massive data breach in 2017 Ying was the chief information officer of Equifax’s U.S. Information Solutions. Thus, he was made […]

Equifax data breach

Equifax Data Breach Worse Than The Company Previously Reported

Equifax Data Breach Was Far Worse Than The Company Initially Reported The Equifax data breach was far worse than the company initially reported. The latest SEC filing by Equifax details the types of sensitive information exposed in the September 2017 data breach. The credit agency did not reveal any new about the Equifax data breach. However, […]

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