Attorney General Jeff Sessions added:

Sexual harassment in housing is illegal, immoral and unacceptable.

Test Program Has Already Snagged Pervert Landlords And Relief For 15 Women

Pervert LandlordHUD and the DOJ quietly started the test program against pervert landlords in October. Since then, they have developed and tested ways to better assist victims of sexual harassment in housing.

They have also coordinated with organizations that victims may turn to first for help. These include law enforcement, legal services providers, public housing authorities, sexual assault services providers and shelters. In addition, HUD has also tested certain aspects of the initiative in New Jersey, central California, Massachusetts, Vermont, and Michigan.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions also told the media:

It is all too common today, as too many landlords, managers, and their employees attempt to prey on vulnerable women. We will not hesitate to pursue these predators and enforce the law. In October, I ordered a new initiative to bring more of these cases, and we have already won relief for 15 victims.

The task force has generated six leads including a crotch-grabbing landlord in New York.

The Task Force Targeting Pervert Landlords Has 3 Main Objectives

The HUD-DOJ Task Force has created a trident approach to tackling the problem pervert landlords and sexual harassment.

HUD-DOJ Task Force to Combat Sexual Harassment in Housing

The task force will focus on five key areas.

  • Data sharing and analysis and joint development of training
  • Evaluation of public housing complaint mechanisms.
  • Coordination of public outreach and a media strategy.

An outreach toolkit

HUD and the DOJ have also designed a toolkit that will leverage the HUD and Justice Department’s nationwide offices. The toolkit provides templates and guidance. It also has created checklists based on pilot program feedback. As a result, it will ultimately amplify available enforcement resources and help victims connect with the department.

Public awareness campaign

The task force has also launched a social media campaign and public service announcements. The media campaign will be run by the Executive Office of U.S. Attorneys. The campaign is specifically designed to raise awareness. It is also designed to make it easier for victims all over the country to find resources and report harassment.