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CFPB Bans Novad From Reverse Mortgage Servicing

CFPB Has Banned Novad Consulting From Servicing Reverse Mortgages For Failing To Properly Communicate With Mortgage Borrowers The CFPB has banned Novad Consulting from servicing reverse mortgages. HUD and CFPB had first ordered the company to stop illegal activities that harmed older homeowners. The CFPB found that NOVAD Management Consulting had inadequate resources and staffing […]


Novad Management In Gambit To Keep HECM Contract With HUD

Novad Management Consulting Files Protest In Desperate Gambit To Keep HECM Contract With HUD Novad Management Consulting has held HUD’s HECM Assets contract since 2014. Unfortunately for them, Celink was awarded the contract to provide servicing for HECM loans earlier this year. However, Novad has filed a protest against the award of Compu-Link Corporation (Celink) […]

Former HUD Official

Former HUD Official Going To Prison For Falsifying Records

Federal Prosecutors Prove Former HUD Official Improperly Directed Government Business To A Personal Friend’s Company A federal jury has convicted a former HUD official. Former HUD Assistant Inspector-General  Eghbal “Eddie” Saffarinia concealed efforts to direct tens of millions of dollars in government business to a friend to whom he owed money. The friend was also […]

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Novad Management Consulting Is Still Jerking Seniors Around

Is Novad Management Consulting Jerking You Around? MFI-Miami Can Help You! Call 888.737.6344 Is Reverse Mortgage servicer Novad Management Consulting jerking people around again? It certainly looks that way and it’s only getting worse.  Whatever is going on in at Novad Management Consulting or the mind of it’s CEO Devon Kelly is unknown. It appears […]

Fight Reverse Mortgage Foreclosures! Yes, You Can!

Don’t Listen To Your Lender. You Can Fight Reverse Mortgage Foreclosures And Win! Like the conventional mortgage lenders before them, reverse mortgage lenders have people convinced they can’t fight reverse mortgage foreclosures. Yet, MFI-Miami has again debunked the propaganda of sleaze from the Wall Street oligarchs. Just like we did with foreclosures on conventional mortgages. […]

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