Trump Loving Racist James Prater Violates Fair Housing Act By Refusing To Sell His Home To “Foreigners”

Trump Loving Racist James Prater is a Trump loving racist from mid-Michigan and he’s trying to sell his house. But you need not enquire if you are a “foreigner.” 

Prater has made it clear he won’t sell you his home in the Coventry Woods subdivision. He has put up the filed message in his front yard to proclaim it to the world. 

The toxic message in Prater’s front yard reads:

“For Sale by Owner Terms No foreigners Iraq vet.”

It appears the Iraq War veteran likes to move around a lot. He has lived in three different locations around Ingham County, Michigan and lived in multiple locations in the Los Angeles suburbs. The Trump loving racist also still maintains a cell phone number with a Los Angeles area code of 818.

The State Of Michigan Says Prater Is Violating The Fair Housing Act

Trump Loving RacistThe Michigan Department of Civil Rights told the Lansing State Journal that Prater’s sign violates state and federal laws:

The federal Fair Housing Act prohibits “any notice, statement or advertisement” in real estate transactions that discriminate based on national origin. Michigan’s Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act also has similar protections.

Yet no one has filed a complaint to challenge Prater’s sign. Mason Mayor Russ Whipple has said it hasn’t made much of a ripple in his community. Whipple also told the Lansing state Jornal:

It would definitely not represent the views of the city of Mason as I know it

Prater told the LSJ he has had the house on the market for about a month. He also says he has no offers. Prater said he has received several calls from people who want to harass him over the sign. Prater told the LSJ:

I’m going, to put it bluntly. If somebody wants to make an offer, I want to see if they have cash in their bank account.

The Trump loving racist also claims his brother is a lawyer in California lawyer and his brother is advising him. MFI-Miami researched the California Bar and could only find a Stephen Darell Prater who has been practicing law since 1981. The Trump loving racist told the LSJ that his brother the “lawyer” told him the sign was not illegal:

There’s nothing illegal about it because no one’s made me an offer

When Trump Loving Racist James Prater Says, “Foreigners,” He actually Means Muslims

Trump Loving RacistPrater told the LSJ he did two tours in Iraq in 2007 and 2008. He showed LSJ reporter Judy Putnam a photo of him inside one of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein’s many palaces.

Prater said his idea of a foreigner might not be what you expect. He refused to give Putnam a direct answer about his definition. In other words, he being coy because he’s trying to skirt the Fair Housing Act.

The Trump loving racist also proclaimed his support for President Trump’s policy of banning Muslims from coming into the United States:

In my experience dealing with anyone with a thick, Middle Eastern accent, you can’t talk to them.

Yet, Prater claims he is not a racist because his best friend from the army is Hispanic. Yet, Prater’s Facebook page is filled racist comments about Muslims.

He is also claiming he has had an ongoing feud with his Pakistani neighbors. The neighbors painted the sidewalk in front of their home. Prater said the sidewalks are the property of the neighborhood association.

Trump Loving Racist James Prater’s Shady Past Selling Used Cars

Prater and his business partner Patrick Joslin made headlines in mid-Michigan two years ago. The Michigan Secretary of State shuttered two used car dealerships owned by Joslin and Prater.

The state of Michigan launched an investigation after University Motor Mall customers complained when they discovered the cars they bought did not have credible titles. Department investigators were unable to access records from the dealerships while trying to review the complaints. This violates Michigan car dealerships regulations. The state has still been unable to discover where and from whom the cars came from.

Former employees claim they were never given their final paychecks.

University Motor Mall was also infamous for their obnoxious and borderline racist commercials like this one:

Joslin is now the Used Car Sales Manager at Champion Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram in Lansing. It is unknown what James Prater is doing for employment.

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