Gilbert Garcia Group Alleges They Were Defamed In Garbage Osceola Land Audit Report Done By Convicted Fraudster Dave Krieger

Foreclosure Mill Gilbert Garcia Group has threatened legal action against Osceola County, Florida for promoting and publicizing the Land Audit Report done by convicted anti-government fraudster and auther, David Krieger. In the report, Krieger makes unsubstantiated accusations of mass criminal activity committed by Gilbert Garcia Group and others without supplying any victims, witness statements or creating any type of evidentiary trail. 

In her cease and desist letter to Osceola Clerk of the Court Armando Ramirez, that you can read below, Gilbert Garcia Group Managing Partner, Michelle Garcia Gilbert writes, 

“The Report, itself, contains serious, untrue, and highly defamatory accusations towards Gilbert Garcia Group, P.A., some of which contain malicious falsehood. By serving as host for the website that publishes the report, the defamatory comments are published to people throughout the state of Florida, and beyond its borders, posing a serious threat to the professional reputation of Gilbert Garcia Group, P.A., the specifically named individuals working at Gilbert Garcia Group, P.A., as well as those associated with Gilbert Garcia Group, P.A. The Osceola Clerk of Court website is continuing to perpetuate information and statements contained within a The Report which directly questions the reputation of the firm.

The firm believes these accusations contain libel per se which highly damages the professional reputation of Gilbert Garcia Group, P.A. in default servicing and foreclosure litigation, and consequently, may divert and impact business from Gilbert Garcia Group, P.A.

It appears that due diligence in verifying the truthfulness of the reported claims was not employed before publication and promotion of The Report. Further demonstrating a lack of due diligence, your website continues to support and publish these unfounded accusations online and in the media.”

Gilbert Garcia Group Managing Partner, Michelle Garcia Gilbert then demands the Osceola County do the following,

The $34,500 report that Osceola County Clerk of the Court, Armando Ramirez hired Krieger to do has come under heavy criticism from foreclosure defense experts and law enforcement for being, full of incorrect statements of law and fact….credibility and authority.”

According to Krieger, Ramirez hired Krieger with a no-bid contract because Ramirez is a fan of Krieger’s book, Clouded Titles.

Orange-Osceola State Attorney Jeff Ashton refused to bring criminal charges against lenders and foreclosure mill operators. Ashton’s office told the Orlando Sentinel in July, “Mr. Ashton has gone on record that our office reviewed the report, but from the perspective of a criminal investigation — it did not meet certain criteria. There were no witness statements, no victims, no evidentiary trail,”

David Krieger, a self-proclaimed Quiet Title Expert and author of the self-published DIY foreclosure defense book, Clouded Titles,  travels around the country like a traveling carnival barker pawning a “Get A Free House From Your Lender” scam like Neil Garfield and Garfield’s former protege, former Florida lawyer and convicted mortgage fraudster, Carol Asbury.

David Krieger’s DIY foreclosure defense program, like the program Garfield promotes, is filled with so much factually incorrect data and debunked legal arguments that its only purpose seems to be to entice desperate homeowners facing foreclosure and clueless foreclosure activists to spend their last hard earned dollars to purchase his merchandise instead of using it to hire a competent attorney. 

David Krieger, like Garfield, has no experience in mortgage finance, mortgage lending, title abstracting or title preparation. However, Krieger does have plenty of experience scamming people and defrauding the federal government.

According to a federal indictment unsealed on May 16, 1996, David Krieger was part of an anti-government domestic terrorist group with ties to militia groups and Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh. Krieger’s group funded their activities through a nationwide mortgage fraud network known as “Family Farm Preservation.”

Krieger and his minions sold fake money orders to unsuspecting homeowners seeking to pay off FHA and Rural Development mortgages.

Gilbert Garcia Letter to Osceola County


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