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Disgraced Foreclosure Lawyer Mark Stopa Has Twitter Tantrum

Disgraced Foreclosure Lawyer Psycho Mark Stopa Has Tantrum Over Criticism Of His Self-Published Book  Disbarred and disgraced Florida foreclosure lawyer Mark Stopa has self-published a new book. Not only that, but it also appears he wants to start an astroturf “movement” around it.  The book entitled “PeoplevMoney” is nothing more than an attempt by a […]

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Foreclosure Lawyer Mark Stopa Permanently Disbarred

Foreclosure Lawyer Mark Stopa Banned For Life From Practicing Law In Florida The Florida Supreme Court has permanently disbarred foreclosure lawyer Mark Stopa. Stopa was once among the state’s best-known foreclosure defense attorneys. The court ordered Stopa to pay $31,620 in costs related to the Florida Bar’s investigation of him for violating bar rules. Stopa […]

Disgraced Attorney Mark Stopa Says Florida Bar Won’t Let Him Resign

Disgraced Attorney Mark Stopa Says He Wants To Retire From Practicing Law But The Florida Bar Won’t Let Him  Disgraced attorney Mark Stopa has fought nearly four years for the right to keep practicing law. In a stunning turn of events, Stopa now says he never wants to practice again. However, he says the Florida Bar […]

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Stay In My Home PA Bankruptcy Creates Mess For Thousands Of People

Bankruptcy Of Mark Stopa’s Former Firm, Stay In My Home PA Creates Mess For Thousands Of Former Clients There good news and bad news for former clients of Mark Stopa’s former law firm, Stay In My Home PA. Here’s the good news. The bankruptcy judge has ordered a temporary halt to all court proceedings for […]

Stay In My Home PA Files Bankruptcy Amid Mark Stopa Legal Troubles

Mark Stopa’s Former Law Firm, Stay In My Home PA Officially Files For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Stay In My Home PA  is officially bankrupt. The former law firm of Florida foreclosure defense attorney Mark Stopa declared Chapter 7 bankruptcy Tuesday. The petition by Stay In My Home PA estimates the number of people and businesses […]