High Profile Michigan GOP Leaders In Michigan Endorse Ex-Con With Bizarre Engine Revving Sex Fetish 

Convicted Pervert Jordan Haskins with supporter Michigan AG Bill Schuette
Convicted Pervert Jordan Haskins with supporter Michigan AG Bill Schuette

The Michigan GOP is rallying behind 24-year old Jordan Haskins. Haskins wants to become the next Republican member of the Michigan House from Saginaw. The district represents the mid-Michigan General Motors factory town of Saginaw and the surrounding communities.

Gay? I wish! If I were gay, there’d be no problem. No, what I have is a romantic abnormality one so unbelievable that it must be hidden from the public at all costs.” – Troy McClure, The Simpsons

Haskins Calls For Christians To Leave Michigan

Haskins claims to be a staunch Bible-believing Conservative Christian and he’s not afraid to broadcast it. He has also stated he has fought the homosexual agenda in Saginaw. In addition, he has also encouraged Christians, “to leave Michigan when same-sex marriage becomes legal.”

Todd Heywood at Between The Lines recently wrote about Haskins:

If the state wants to trample religious freedom, we go somewhere else where our values are welcome,” the candidate wrote on his Facebook page Oct. 8. Michigan loses tax money if they choose to be entrenched with the homosexual agenda. It’s time for conservative Christians (sic) to vote with their feet and their dollars.

Haskins And His Bizarre Sex Fetish Get Him In Trouble In North Carolina

Haskins with his "good friend" bigoted RNC Committeeman Dave Agema
Haskins with his “good friend” and supporter Michigan GOP activist and  RNC Committeeman Dave Agema

It seems like Justin Haskins doesn’t want to talk about is his criminal record and bizarre sexual fetish involving cars.

Haskins grew up in mid-Michigan and lived in North Carolina from 2006 to 2010. He also has a criminal record in both states.

According to MLive:

North Carolina’s Department of Public Safety reports a lengthy list of sentences to prison, county jail, and probation for offenses Haskins committed in 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009. The offenses include breaking and entering, larceny and trespassing.

Haskins Comes Home To Michigan With His Freak On

Consequently, Haskins returned to Michigan in 2010 and continued his crime spree in order to feed his bizarre sexual addiction. 

As a result, Haskins now faces two new misdemeanor charges of unlawful use of a motor vehicle and malicious destruction of property. The two incidents also happened at the Saginaw County Mosquito Control property. 

MLive reports:

Haskins admitted he broke into the yard where vehicles were parked. He said he pulled spark plug wires on the sheriff, mosquito control and other vehicles parked there. Jordan would remove the spark plug wires and sit in the car. He would then masturbate while the motor was sparking and making noises.

As a result of this incident, Haskins has also been charged with additional misdemeanor offenses related to a third incident at the mosquito control property in October 2010.

Haskins also claimed he damaged county vehicles by pulling spark plug wires to “masturbate while cranking the engine.”

MLive report on January 24, 2010:

Haskins jumped a chain-link fence and opened a garage door at Scientific Brake. He drove a truck on the grounds he told police. Police reports state he admitted to listening to the engine idle and masturbating.


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