Judge Nick Holowka

The Criminal Investigation of Judge Nick Holowka Abruptly Disappears

Why Did Former Michigan AG Bill Schuette Drop A Criminal Investigation Of Lapeer Circuit Court Judge Nick Holowka? Lapeer County Judge Nick Holowka seems to like the perks of his job as Chief Judge. So much so, he thinks the rules don’t apply to him. Holowka’s abuse of power was so flagrant, former Michigan Attorney […]

Blowhard Bill Schuette

Blowhard Bill Schuette Campaign Stunt Blows Up In His Face

Blowhard Bill Schuette Whines About Blight But Ignored Complaints From Thousands Of Victims Of Foreclosure Abuse Committed By His Contributors Who Caused The Blight Michigan Gubernatorial candidate Blowhard Bill Schuette is a brilliant guy when it comes to exploiting the work of others for his political gain. Schuette has made it the cornerstone of his […]

Michigan Attorney General Has $40 Million Stashed In Offshore Tax Haven

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette Has $40 Million Hidden In An Offshore Tax Haven Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette has a $40 million real estate empire hidden in the Carribean. State lawmakers and his Republican colleagues want to know how and where Bill Schuette got $40 Million as a 32-year public servant.  Bill Schuette is […]

Michigan GOP

Michigan GOP Rallies Around Convicted Pervert With Bizarre Sex Fetish

High Profile Michigan GOP Leaders In Michigan Endorse Ex-Con With Bizarre Engine Revving Sex Fetish  The Michigan GOP is rallying behind 24-year old Jordan Haskins. Haskins wants to become the next Republican member of the Michigan House from Saginaw. The district represents the mid-Michigan General Motors factory town of Saginaw and the surrounding communities. “Gay? […]

Bill Schuette

Bill Schuette On Duty Is AWOL When It Comes To Foreclosure Fraud

Bill Schuette’s Dereliction of Duty And Ties To Trott & Orlans Raise Ethics Questions Among Voters For over three and half years, I have been writing about Trott & Trott and Orlans Associates have been committing document fraud. They have escaped the scrutiny of Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette. Both David Trott, the former managing […]

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