Black Business Owners

Black Business Owners Purged From Michigan Bank

Black Business Owners Sue Michigan Bank For Purging Their Accounts Black business owners in West Michigan are suing Mercantile Bank. The Black business owners allege that the bank called their loans regardless if they were delinquent or not. Black business owners claim Mercantile Bank wanted to stop doing business with Black people. Merchantile executed a campaign […]

Michigan Treasury

Michigan House Shakes Down Poor People To Fix Michigan’s Crumbling Roads

Michigan House Approves Diverting  $1.1B In Earned Income Tax Credits To Fix Michigan’s Crumbling Roads   Roughly 780,500 Michigan taxpayers who make below the poverty limit will see the $140 in tax credits they receive to help feed their families eliminated in order fund repairs to Michigan’s crumbling infrastructure. The 12-bill package, advanced to the Michigan […]

Michigan GOP

Michigan GOP Rallies Around Convicted Pervert With Bizarre Sex Fetish

High Profile Michigan GOP Leaders In Michigan Endorse Ex-Con With Bizarre Engine Revving Sex Fetish  The Michigan GOP is rallying behind 24-year old Jordan Haskins. Haskins wants to become the next Republican member of the Michigan House from Saginaw. The district represents the mid-Michigan General Motors factory town of Saginaw and the surrounding communities. “Gay? […]

Ellen Cogen Lipton

State Rep Ellen Cogen Lipton Wants To Muzzle Your Free Speech

Bill By Ellen Cogen Lipton Would Deny Access To Government Docs To Online News Services and Bloggers Michigan State Representative Ellen Cogen Lipton introduced a bill in the Michigan Legislature that narrowly defines the term “journalist” in FOIA requests. Her bill would limit public documents to anyone who works for a “newspaper or FCC-licensed radio or TV […]

I Was Quoted In A Great Piece About Michigan’s Favorite Alleged Bookie Turned Banker Messiah

Reconciling Dan Gilbert’s downtown play with Quicken Loans’ mortgage history Jeff T. Wattrick, As someone who once said I wasn’t sure if I’d want to ride in an elevatorwith Dan Gilbert, going to Quicken Loans’ corporate headquarters yesterday for the Magic Johnson/Detroit Venture Partners announcement felt a little like Leo Ryan going into Jonestown. I’m being […]

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