Sterling National Bank Complaint Prompts Investigation By NYDFS

New Investigations By Federal Agencies & NYDFS Could Shatter Sterling National Bank’s Merger With Hudson Valley Bank Last week, I wrote about how the FDIC and the U.S. Treasury’s Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) have launched investigations into the treatment of Sterling National Bank customer Bill Youngblood. On Friday, MFI-Miami confirmed that […]

Wells Fargo Sales Tactics

How To File Complaints Against Sterling National Bank

How To File Complaints Against Sterling National Bank With The FDIC & U.S. Treasury  Last week, I wrote an article about Sterling National Bank. I wrote about the bank’s use of intimidation, mob style collection tactics and their practice of liquidating accounts without their customer’s knowledge. As a result, the article must have hit a nerve on […]

Chris Christie

Should Sterling National Bank Be Re-Named “Soprano” National Bank?

Intimidation, Liquidation Of Accounts, Mob Style Collection Tactics Are The Everyday Practices Of Sterling National Bank  People want to think small town banks like Sterling National Bank are run by a sympathetic George Bailey types. Small community banks operate like the mafia. They have no problem using intimidation and thuggery to get what they want. […]

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