Plutocrats’ Dream Utopia Was Lifted From Family Guy

Do Billionaires Have Visions Of Doing Family Peter Griffin’s “Can’t Touch This” from Family Guy? Steve Dibert, MFI-Miami On Saturday, I posted a piece about how a group of Michigan billionaires who made their fortunes from being recipients of corporate welfare want to buy an island park on the Detroit River from the City of […]

Woman Fighting Cancer And Wells Fargo Has Reason To Smile

BILL MCGINTY / NBC Charlotte The last few months haven’t been easy for Cindi and Kirk Davis of Mount Holly. “You can only hold on for so long, and I don’t know what to do at this point,” said Cindi as she fought back tears. Life for her has been sad and uncertain, and there […]

Wells Fargo To Dying Woman: We Changed Our Minds, So Drop Dead!

Wells Fargo Retracts Offer To Help Woman Dying Of Cancer Battling cancer is difficult enough without your mortgage lender deciding to foreclose on your home just weeks after saying it was trying to help. Yet that appears to be what’s happening to Cindi Davis, a North Carolina woman diagnosed with terminal breast cancer. Back in […]

Wells Fargo Mortgage

Is Wells Fargo Mortgage Run By The Catty Ladies From Dynasty?

Wells Fargo Mortgage Refuses To Release Docs To MFI-Miami Client, Cites Negative Articles On MFI-Miami My assistant called me the other day telling me that the Wells Fargo Mortgage customer service refused to release a client’s documents that we requested in order to complete our investigation. Before I get what happened next, here’s a hint […]

Looks Like Fannie Mae Needs To Hire Al Harrington

Fannie’s Big Foreclosure Sale: Maybe Not So Big After All Alan Zibel, Wall Street Journal Fannie Mae FNMA +0.41% will sell nearly 700 foreclosures in Florida to a real-estate investment firm, but appears unlikely to expand this strategy beyond properties already rented out to tenants. San Diego-based Pacifica Companies reached an agreement last week to purchase the 699 […]

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