Wells Fargo Mortgage Refuses To Release Docs To MFI-Miami Client, Cites Negative Articles On MFI-Miami

My assistant called me the other day telling me that the Wells Fargo Mortgage customer service refused to release a client’s documents that we requested in order to complete our investigation.

Before I get what happened next, here’s a hint for homeowners. When you call Wells Fargo Mortgage insist on talking to their office in Des Moines, Iowa. If not you will be patched through to some Pakistani or Filipino call center.

If you really want to freak out the person from Wells Fargo Mortgage inform them you are recording the call. Make sure you record it even if they disconnect the call and keep calling. It’s always good for some laughs at your next party. Don’t forget this is a company that prides itself on driving their homeowners to suicide.

So anyway, back to the story. I get back to the office and do a conference call with my client and the people at Wells Fargo Mortgage in Iowa. I introduce myself and my client.

MFI-Miami Hurts Wells Fargo’s Feelings

After about 25 minutes of my client and I arguing with Donna, we insist on speaking to a manager. We get a manager’s voice mail and leave her a message.

After not hearing anything from Wells Fargo Mortgage for about two hours, I get my client on the phone and we call this manager on a conference call.

So my client and I call the Wells Fargo Mortgage manager. We tell them the whole story about Donna and how went sent them multiple requests.

So now after 15 minutes, a different woman comes on the phone. This woman apparently knew who I was and had actually read not only my articles about Wells Fargo. She was also familiar with the articles Martin Andelman had written about Wells Fargo Mortgage.

She told my client, “Wells Fargo will not release these documents to you as long as you are a client of MFI-Miami!”

I forced the issue and demanded to know why. At this point, she responds, “Because we find the lies you write about Wells Fargo are despicable.”

This woman droned on about some bizarre theory about how I’m an opportunist who is feeding on the misery of homeowners.

She also droned on about how I made a career out of trashing the “good” name of Wells Fargo Mortgage.

She also tried to claim that people like me and my friend, Beth Jacobson are responsible for the continuation of the housing crisis. Beth Jacobson blew the whistle on the Wells Fargo’s practice of  “Ghetto Loans”

 Wells Fargo Mortgage Executives Acting Like Children

I could hear Lois Griffin from Family Guy chastising Peter:

Peter, hold on to that thought because I’m gonna explain to you when we get home all the things that are wrong with that statement.”  

After Peter’s observation:

Yeah, Brian, you’re doing the same thing that Mia Farrow did to that Chinaman that Woody Allen brought home from the circus! “  

This woman’s claim that All of us are somehow responsible for foreclosure crisis is nonsense. It is also filled with as many inaccuracies as Peter Griffin’s summary of Woody Allen’s affair Soon-Yi Previn.

We were on the phone for an hour. It felt like we were stuck on Bald Bull while playing Mike Tyson’s Punch Out.

Finally, I told the woman all she was doing was giving me material to write another negative article about Wells Fargo. I also told her Wells Fargo was facing a federal lawsuit from my client. My client’s attorney called on another line while we were talking to Wells Fargo mortgage.

I patched him on the call and he immediately told Wells Fargo what he would do if she didn’t release the documents.

The threats of litigation and another round of negative PR for Wells Fargo was enough. She finally caved and MFI-Miami received the documents three days later.

Why Wells Fargo IS Being Catty

So what’s up with the cattiness of this Wells Fargo executive? I found out later it had to do with an article I wrote back in June about how Wells Fargo. It appears that Wells Fargo executives in Iowa and San Francisco were incensed about the article. They ordered no one is to cooperate with any Wells Fargo homeowners that are clients of MFI-Miami.

So it appears that Alexis, Krystle and rest of those crazy women who entertained us back in the 1980s with their cattiness and their catfights seem to have become the model of behavior for executives at Wells Fargo.

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