Romspen Threw In

Romspen Threw In The Towel On Uphill Foreclosure Fight

Romspen Threw In The Towel To Avoid The Agony Of Defeat On Uphill Foreclosure Fight With Jetall Companies Over Houston Office  It appears Canadian lender Romspen threw in the towel in their uphill foreclosure battle with Jetall Companies. Let’s be honest. Romspen is having severe liquidity issues. They have either froze or severely reduced investor […]

Romspen Investors

Romspen Investors Are Mad As Hell And Want Their Money

Romspen Investors Are Mad As Hell! They’re Telling Romspen, “It’s My Money And I Want It NOW!” Most Americans outside the world of commercial finance have never heard of Romspen. Let alone, their Romspen Investment Fund. That’s because Canadian commercial lenders like Romspen have a reputation of being the Fredo Corleone of the commercial lending […]

Romspen Withholds Partial Redemption

Romspen Is Withholding Partial Redemption Payments

Romspen Is Withholding Partial Redemption Payments In August. They Cite Poor Loan Performance. Or Is It Just Cover For A Shell Game? Canada’s largest private mortgage lenders is at it again. Romspen is withholding partial redemption payouts to investor for the fourth time in under a year. The Canadian lender is citing weak loan repayments […]

Romspen Investor Warning

Romspen Investor Warning

Romspen Investor Warning: Canadian Lender Froze and Has Reduced Investor Redemptions for Nearly A Year. Have They Become The Roach Motel Of Commercial Lending? This Romspen investor warning is going out to all our readers who invest in commercial real estate.  It appears Canadian real estate lender Romspen has become the Roach Motel of the […]

Lexington Law

Lexington Law Reaches $2.7B Settlement With The CFPB

The CFPB Has Reached A $2.75 Billion Settlement With Lexington Law And The CFPB announced it has reached a $2.75 Billion settlement with Lexington Law and other larger credit repair brands.  The settlement follows a court ruling indicating companies used telemarketers to collect illegal advance fees for credit repair services. The settlement bans companies […]

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