NYSBA Sets Up Task Force To Tackle The Pandemic Of Crazy And Insane New York Attorneys 

insane new york attorneyBelieve it or not, the COVID-19 pandemic is not the only pandemic facing New Yorkers. For years, New Yorkers have had to endure a pandemic of crazy and insane New York attorneys. 

Anyone who has to deal with lawyers in New York knows this task force was long overdue.

I know because I deal with insane New York attorneys every day and seen a lot of crazy behavior from them.

I have also have had to endure violent outbursts from attorneys in depositions and I have also witnessed lawyers have psychotic episodes. Normally, they usually limit it to yelling and screaming and punching walls because they know they are being watched. In addition, one lawyer I worked with would hurl laptops across conference rooms like a retired Soviet shot putter.

I even had one lawyer try to strangle me and begin screaming obscenities at me in a deposition.

The New York State Bar is also now facing another problem aside from psychotic lawyers. Older attorneys with dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease who refuse to retire.

These older lawyers take money from clients and then forget to file notices of appearance, pleadings, and answers. Thus, they cause serious financial hardship for their clients. These lawyers are no posing a bigger threat to the New York Bar.

The NYSBA Sets Up The Attorney Well-Being Initiative To Combat The Problem Of Insane New York Attorneys

insane new york attorneys
The NYSBA is attempting to keep good lawyers from driving their careers off a cliff.

The purpose of the NYSBA Attorney Well-Being initiative is to examine the life of a lawyer from law school through retirement and beyond. The initiative is designed to identify resources that can assist lawyers in making self-care accessible, effective, and meaningful.

Let’s face it. Being an attorney is not an easy job. Not only do you have to know the law, but you also have to know how to run a business.

This is a balancing act most attorneys struggle with and most lawyers suck at it. It is why the balancing act of lawyering and business is very stressful.

This is also why a lot of attorneys suffer from drug abuse, alcoholism, and other substance abuse issues.

The NYSBA programs offered under the initiative are actually quite impressive. I recommend checking them out on the NYSBA website.



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