Man fought his foreclosure

Man Fought His Foreclosure For 23 Years. Now He Is Evicted From His Home

Man Fought His Foreclosure For More Than Two Decades Without Paying A Penny Is An American Hero! A Long Island man fought his foreclosure for over two decades. Unfortunately, he lost the battle. The property owner has evicted him from the property. Guramrit Hanspal became known as America’s Most Famous Squatter by the lending industry. […]

Insane New York Attorneys Gone Wild!

NYSBA Sets Up Task Force To Tackle The Pandemic Of Crazy And Insane New York Attorneys  Believe it or not, the COVID-19 pandemic is not the only pandemic facing New Yorkers. For years, New Yorkers have had to endure a pandemic of crazy and insane New York attorneys.  Anyone who has to deal with lawyers […]

NY Attorney Anthony Colleluori

NY Attorney Anthony Colleluori Has A Smorgasbord Of Bar Complaints

NY Attorney Anthony Colleluori AKA Fudgie The Whale Has More Bar Complaints Than A Fat Kid At A Salad Bar Dealing with NY Attorney Anthony Colleluori is something of a bizarre experience. It’s like watching a fat kid making a mess at a salad bar in a restaurant.  Colleluori is big and I’m not talking […]

New York Attorney Steven Etkind

New York Attorney Steven Etkind Pleads Guilty To Tax Fraud

New York Attorney Steven Etkind Pleads Guilty To Tax Fraud For Stealing From Deceased Client’s Estate CPA and New York Attorney Steven M. Etkind pleaded guilty today to conspiracy to tax evasion after embezzling millions of dollars from a deceased client’s estate.  Etkind pleaded guilty before United States District Judge John G. Koeltl. Manhattan U.S. […]

new york attorney

New York Attorney Nailed For Tax Fraud After Embezzling Funds

New York Attorney Allegedly Did Not Report More Than $3 Million He Embezzled From Deceased Client’s Estate New York Attorney Steven Etkind was indicted by the Department of Justice last week. The DOJ is accusing Etkind of conspiring to defraud the United States and tax evasion. Ironically, Etkind had a 5-star rating on the legal […]

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