Max Keiser & Stacy Herbert Talk About MFI-Miami Article About John Cusack

Did you catch today’s Keiser Report on RT? Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert talked about my John Cusack article and his billionaire buddies over at Mortgage Resolution Partners (MRP). They want to use eminent domain to seize performing mortgage contracts.

Max and Stacy also showed the clip from the interview Max did with Teri Buhl back in July. She made a trip to San Bernadino to investigate MRP’s push to get San Bernadino to go along with this. Max Keiser basically agrees with me, Teri Buhl and Felix Salmon. MRP’s eminent domain plan is an elaborate scam.


MRP is using John Cusack and Arianna Huffington to mislead cities and foreclosure activists about MRP’s plan. MRP doesn’t want to seize abandoned homes and homes already in foreclosure like they claim. They want to seize performing mortgage contracts where the homeowner only faces a negative equity position. Although the homeowners are upside down, their loans are still contributing to the positive cash flow of the mortgage backed securities Trust that holds the note.

You can read the original article here.


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