MFI-Miami Files Bar Complaints Against Three Orlans Attorneys

Orlans AttorneysTwo weeks ago, I announced I was filing bar complaints or as they are technically known in Michigan as, “A Request For Investigation” against Orlans attorneys, Marshall R. Isaacs, Linda Orlans and Timothy Myers of the law firm of Orlans Associates with the Attorney Grievance Commission of the Michigan Supreme Court.

Last Tuesday, I hand delivered those requests with the supporting material to the Attorney Grievance Commission in Detroit.  This week, a request for an investigation will be hand delivered to Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette’s office in Lansing, Michigan requesting an investigation into the illegal activity committed by attorneys and staff at Orlans Associates.

I will also be filing more requests for investigations against Orlans Attorneys with the Attorney Grievance Commission when more investigations are completed during the next several weeks.  I will be including those reports with the Request For Investigation to the Michigan Attorney General’s office as well.

Since word spread that I was filing these reports, I have had members of the media, homeowners and other attorneys asking to see them.  Since I have more important things for my staff to do then to make copies all day, I’ve decided to post them below.  I encourage anyone who feels they may be a victim of an illegal foreclosure by Orlans Associates to hire an attorney and to file a Request for Investigation with the Michigan Attorney Grievance Commission.  Remember to include documents that support your request like any public records they may have filed.  You can find the form at the Grievance Commission’s website.

I have also been hearing from homeowners across Michigan that Orlans is blatantly violating MCL 600.3204 and MCL 600.3205 which requires them to notify the homeowner in foreclosure that they have right to have either a phone conference or a face to face meeting with their lender to discuss foreclosure alternatives.  Homeowners are then supposed get a 90 day postponement of their foreclosure.  I will be investigating these claims.

Timothy Myers – Request For Investigation

Marshall Isaacs – Request For Investigation

Linda Orlans – Request For Investigation

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