Florida buyers

Here We Go Again! Florida Buyers Paying Above Appraised Value For Their Dream Homes

Paul Owers wrote a great piece about Florida buyers paying above appraised value for their dream homes Ryan Williams had been house hunting, off and on, for two years. He finally found the perfect place in Pompano Beach, a four-bedroom home with a pool and a two-car garage. He ended up paying $490,000 — even though the […]

Donald Trump

Should The Trump Children Do An Idiocy Intervention?

Should The Trump Children Do An Idiocy Intervention With Donald? For nearly 30 years, Americans have been forced to watch Donald Trump. We have watched his exploits play out like an 80’s TV soap opera. Unfortunately, it may be time for the Trump children to retire crazy old Donald.  We’ve watched it all. We’ve watched […]

Paradise Homes near collapse; home buyers likely stuck paying more

By John Hielscher, Herald Tribune The owner of Paradise Homes, while acknowledging that his company is on the verge of collapse, is hoping to bring in another builder to complete customers’ houses. But owner Jim Butler’s plan has a catch: Paradise customers who have already purchased homes and in many cases arranged financing will have to […]

St. Petersburg Times Editorial Calls for Fixing HOA Loophole

Florida legislators can’t anticipate every legal loophole that some unscrupulous person will exploit, which is why they have to stay nimble and respond to scams when they arise. The latest one demanding a legislative response is an opening in state foreclosure law that allows investors to get title to properties for pennies on the dollar […]

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