Elizabeth Warren

FL 4th DCA Slaps Foreclosure Mills

The FL 4th DCA Closes a Loophole Exploited By Foreclosure Mills   The Florida 4th District Court of Appeals has handed down a ruling that would end the practice of foreclosure mill attorneys introducing into evidence original copies of undated mortgage notes endorsed in blank after the foreclosure lawsuit is filed. Foreclosure mills in Florida […]

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo Forecloses On Old Couple Who Sold Their Home 21 Years Ago

Wells Fargo Continues Its Campaign Of Fear On The Elderly It’s another example of how disorganized Wells Fargo has become. Wells Fargo shocked elderly couple Sheridon and Susan Turner when a process server knocked on their door. The process server informed them that Wells Fargo was suing them for foreclosure. Sheridon and Susan Turner sold the home […]

Lying About Sink Hole

Lawsuit Shows How Clueless Bank of America Management Really Is

Bank of America Attempts To Foreclose On A House That They Approved For Short Sale In a bizarre case out of Florida’s 3rd District Court of Appeals, Bank of America attempted to foreclose on a house that they had approved a short sale on and allowed to close. In 2012, Bank of America filed a […]

mortgage lenders

Mortgage Lenders Cause Another Homeowner Death

Mortgage Lenders Cause Frank Collelo To Die In A Tampa Courtroom Fighting His Foreclosure Mortgage lenders committing another potentially illegal foreclosure have claimed another life. Frank Collelo died yesterday. The 67-year-old Valrico man died after collapsing in a Hillsborough courtroom during a foreclosure hearing. The pending foreclosure on his primary residence went into foreclosure last […]

David J. Stern

Osceola County Foreclosure Reviews Could Lead To Criminal Charges

Will Osceola County Foreclosure Reviews Lead To A Crackdown Or Be Brushed Under the Rug? At the beginning of the year, Osceola County Clerk of the Courts in suburban Orlando began doing foreclosure reviews of mortgage and foreclosure filings. The review was looking for fraudulent paperwork filed by lenders and foreclosure mills.  Apparently, Clerk Armando […]

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