Lawsky & NYDFS Preparing To Battle Deutsche Bank Over Libor Rigging

NYDFS Claims Thousands Of New Yorkers Have Lost Their Homes Because Of Libor Rigging The Superintendent of the New York State Department of Financial Services, Benjamin Lawsky has joined other U.S. banking regulators investigating Deutsche Bank AG for manipulation of the Libor benchmark borrowing rate.  This new probe by the NYDFS of the monolithic German […]


NYDFS Director Lawsky Tells Governor Cuomo, “Take This Job An Shove it!”

NYDFS Director Lawsky To Resign In January The New York Daily News published a story on Monday stating that several key people in New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s administration will be leaving now that Cuomo’s second term was affirmed by voters last week. “Top aide Larry Schwartz is expected to leave early next year while […]

Fannie Mae Is Coming To Get You Barbara!

Fannie Mae Hires Firm To Go After Zombie Mortgage Debt This summer, hundreds of Florida residents found out they are now facing new ramifications for defaulting on their Fannie Mae backed mortgages. Fannie Mae has hired Texas based collections company Dyck O’Neal to aggressively pursue unpaid mortgage debt from Florida properties that were foreclosed on […]

MFI-Miami Client Does To Deutsche Bank What The Russians Did To Their Wehrmacht Grandfathers

MFI-Miami Client Finally Receives Foreclosure Dismissal With Prejudice After Fending Off Five Foreclosure Attempts By OCWEN And Deutsche Bank   MFI-Miami client Lee Friedman was one of MFI-Miami’s first clients in 2008. We immediately found signature forgeries on his loan documents and other serious fraudulent actions. These actions were taken by his originating lender, Michigan-based Home Loan […]

MFI-Miami Clients

MFI-Miami Clients Win In NY Appellate Court

MFI-Miami Clients Get To Stay In Their Home With The Help Of New York Foreclosure Defense Attorney John Schwarz  MFI-Miami clients Traci and Germaine Gales won’t be forced out of their home anytime soon. I was able to prove that the plaintiff suing them for foreclosure lacked legal standing to foreclose. Attorney John Schwarz convinced […]

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