Foreclosure Mill Practice

Common Foreclosure Mill Practice Shot Down by FL 4th DCA

Common Foreclosure Mill Practice Of Using Screenshots Of Documents And Clueless Mortgage Servicing Employees Shot Down By Florida’s 4th DCA It’s been a Florida foreclosure mill practice to bring employees from a mortgage servicer to testify at a foreclosure trial.  On the surface this sounds like a pretty logical and prudent thing to do. Employees […]

Foreclosure attorney violated rules by having others sign his name

Steve Kilar, The Baltimore Sun A Hunt Valley attorney who admitted to having his employees sign his name to foreclosure documents was found by a Baltimore County judge to have violated three of Maryland’s rules of professional conduct for lawyers, according to court records. Thomas P. Dore engaged in behavior that was “prejudicial to the administration of justice” by “routinely […]

Judge denies O.J. Simpson’s motion to dismiss foreclosure case

William Lewis, Buzz-Examiner Acquitted murderer, convicted felon, former actor, former sportscaster and former All-Star football player O.J. Simpson is one step closer to losing his south Florida home to foreclosure. Attorneys for the imprisoned Simpson appeared before Miami-Dade County Circuit Court Judge Gisela Cardonne Ely last week on a contested motion to dismiss.  In denying relief, […]

On Monday The Dead Rabbi Was Wrongfully Foreclosed On

On Tuesday The Dead Rabbi’s POA Settles With US Bank The cool thing about owning MFI-Miami is that I get to work with some really smart litigators. These guys bring me interesting cases like banks foreclosing on dead rabbis.  They also think outside the box like I do.  If you are a regular reader, you […]

Woman’s 2-Year Battle Against Robo-signing Gets Mortgage Wiped Out

View more videos at: Trina Robinson and Karen Franklin, NBC Miami A South Florida woman succeeded with the unheard of when she was able to get her mortgage wiped out by a lender. In an effort to save her mother’s home, Idania Castro waged a two-year battle with the bank. “The mortgage got wiped […]

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