The Second Coming Of Zombie Foreclosures

Les Christie @CNNMoney Borrowers are discovering that their foreclosed homes are coming back to haunt them — long after they have moved out. In these so-called zombie foreclosures, borrowers move out of their homes after their bank schedules a foreclosure auction only to find out months or years later that the auction never took place or the bank […]

Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte’s parents face foreclosure in Florida

Rachel George, USA Today The parents of U.S. Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte face foreclosure on their Florida home, a search of Volusia County court records revealed. CitiMortgage filed a lawsuit in May to recoup $250,000 from Steve and Ileana Lochte. Court records indicate Ileana Lochte filed a motion to dismiss the suit in July. Reached […]

Even with foreclosures on the rise, banks will repossess fewer homes this year

Kimberly Miller. Palm Beach Post More new foreclosure cases were filed last month statewide and in Palm Beach County than in April or May 2011, but experts say many of the homes will never end up in bank hands. Increasing efforts by lenders to negotiate short sales will divert distressed properties from the foreclosure pipeline, […]

Moody’s Predicts FL Supremes Will Rule With Banks On Pino

Ester Cho, DS News If a lender produces a fraudulent document when attempting to foreclose on a borrower, should lenders be able to voluntarily dismiss the foreclosure then re-file the case after fixing the error? The answer to this question is currently being decided by the Florida Supreme Court, which heard arguments May 10 for […]

Judge denies O.J. Simpson’s motion to dismiss foreclosure case

William Lewis, Buzz-Examiner Acquitted murderer, convicted felon, former actor, former sportscaster and former All-Star football player O.J. Simpson is one step closer to losing his south Florida home to foreclosure. Attorneys for the imprisoned Simpson appeared before Miami-Dade County Circuit Court Judge Gisela Cardonne Ely last week on a contested motion to dismiss.  In denying relief, […]

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