Deputy Gets Fired For Mortgage Fraud Committed In 2007

JPMorgan Chase Not Pursuing Charges For Mortgage Fraud Steve Dibert, MFI-Miami Call me a cynic or maybe it’s just because I know more about the mortgage industry than most people but something doesn’t add up about the story that appeared the local news in Naples yesterday.  It was about Collier County Sheriff’s Deputy, Michael Kovar […]

Whistleblowing Florida Attorney to Receive $18M As Part Of National Mortgage Settlement

Justin T. Hilley, Housing Wire A well-known Florida attorney and whistleblower who appeared on ’60 Minutes’ to make allegations of robo-signing against mortgage servicers will receive $18 million to settle her lawsuit over the foreclosure of her condo. The funds will go to Lynn Szymoniak, the first in South Carolina to file a lawsuit under […]

Is Pam Bondi Living In A Barbie World Paid For By Bank Lobbyists?

Steve Dibert, MFI-Miami When the coalition of state Attorneys General investigating abuses by mortgage lenders and mortgage servicing companies released their initial settlement demand back in March demanding better service, single point of contact, standardized NPV testing and if warranted principal write downs.  Several Dixipublican Attorneys General broke ranks refusing to endorse the plan. Initial […]

Florida Bankers

Florida Bankers Want To Eliminate Homeowners Right to a Judicial Foreclosure

Florida Bankers Want To Eliminate Homeowners Right to a Judicial Foreclosure To Speed Up Foreclosures In an attempt to circumvent a recent Florida Supreme Court order that requires banks to mediate a foreclosure dispute, Florida Bankers are attempting to ram through the Florida Legislature a bill that will convert Florida from a judicial foreclosure state […]

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