Boca Ratonians

Snooty Boca Ratonians Are Banning “Certain People” From Their Communities

Paranoid Boca Ratonians Have Begun Banning Property Owners From Renting To Section 8 Recipients Earlier this year, the Snooty Boca Ratonians at the Boca Winds HOA as they are commonly referred to in Florida, outlawed Section 8 housing in its community of 800 homes. Members of the Boca Falls HOA are currently voting on the issue […]

Why Is A Wall Street Firm Forcing These Condo Owners To Bend Over?

Wall Street Firm GSS Holdings Bought 80% Of The Units, Now Wants Holdouts To Sell To Them At A 75% Loss A David and Goliath battle of is being waged at a suburban Tampa condominium complex. It’s pitting a handful of homeowners of The Madison Oaks Condominium Complex against a Wall Street firm. It all began […]

Woman Doesn’t Join HOA, So It Seizes And Sells Her House

Laura Northrup, The Consumerist If I’ve learned anything from this site over the years, it’s that homeowners’ associations are evil and to be avoided. Sometimes you don’t have a choice, though: the home of your dreams or basic neighborhood amenities require it. And sometimes, as one Kentucky woman discovered, not joining the HOA means you […]

Broward County Passes Law Requiring HOAs To Give Rejection Letters

Seniors Who Make Up A Large Majority Of HOA Boards Complain Broward County Commissioners passed a new ordinance on Tuesday requiring condo, homeowner and cooperative associations to tell applicants in writing the reason they’re being denied the ability to rent or buy a home. Commissioners who favored the ordinance said they have receive quite a few complaints […]

Broward County Sues HOA In Federal Court Over Disabled Woman’s 3-Wheeler

Brittany Wallman, Sun Sentinel Had things gone her way, Larraine Best’s trike would be parked at her condo right now and she’d be living the relaxed life of a beachfront snowbird. Instead she’s become embroiled in a federal case over a parking space. Best’s fight isn’t just another squabble between a retiree and her condo […]

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