National Mortgage Settlement Still Failing 700k+ Homeowners

Ben Hallman, Huffington Post One year after federal bank regulators pledged that a nearly $10 billion legal settlement would quickly deliver cash to foreclosure abuse victims, hundreds of thousands of people are still checking their mailboxes each day, only to find them empty. As of January, about 732,000 settlement checks had not been cashed, according to data […]

Interns At Barclays Have To Take A ‘Toilet Naps’

Julia LaRoche, Business Insider One of the big stories on Wall Street lately has been the investment banks cutting back the amount of hours their junior employees have to work. Long hours on Wall Street for junior bankers came under scrutiny after 21-year-old Bank of America intern Moritz Erhardt died last summer.  Unconfirmed reports said Erhardt had worked […]

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Here’s The Investment Advice Citi Is Giving To Its Super-Rich Clients

LAWRENCE DELEVINGNE, CNBC Investors are hurting their long-term returns by focusing too much on assets that can be cashed in at virtually any moment, according to a new outlook published by Citi Private Bank. The $290 billion Citi unit, which serves clients with at least $25 million in assets, believes that individuals with years of investing ahead shouldn’t […]

FBI Suspects Front Running of Fannie, Freddie In Swaps Market

Richard Leong, Reuters Wall Street traders may be manipulating a key derivatives market and front running Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, hurting the US-owned mortgage giants in the process, according to an FBI intelligence bulletin reviewed by Reuters. Using what Federal Bureau of Investigation agents described as “unsophisticated tradecraft,” such as hand signals and special telephone ring tones, […]

BofA: Sorry About The Illegal Foreclosure, Here’s A $50 Applebee’s Gift Card

Buy yourself something nice. Like some drinks and a couple apps. Bess Levin, Dealbreaker Bank of America, led by Chief Executive Officer Brian T. Moynihan, faced more than 15,000 complaints in 2010 from its role in the government’s Home Affordable Modification Program. Urban Lending, one of the vendors brought in to handle grievances from lawmakers […]

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