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Morgan Stanley Says US Economy Is Heading Toward A Bear Market

Morgan Stanley Says Bond Market Sending Warning Signals That American Economy Is Heading Into Recession Morgan Stanley warned the stock market and economic outlook in the United States are deteriorating. Renewed trade tensions and a slump in economic data has put U.S. profits and economic growth at risk.  Chief Equity Strategist Michael Wilson of Morgan […]

Could This Be The End Of Too Big To Fail?

Moody’s Cuts Debt Of 4 Major U.S. Bank Holding Companies David Henry, Lauren Tara LaCapra, Peter Rudegeair and Douwe Miedema, Reuters Moody’s Investors Service cut the debt ratings for four big bank holding companies, including Morgan Stanley and JPMorgan Chase & Co, citing its increasing confidence that the U.S. government will not bail out the […]

Urban Spartacus

Detroit Lost An Urban Spartacus To Cancer Today

Detroit Urban Spartacus Kelly Parker Reminded Us Of What We Can Accomplish If We Stand Up And Fight   In the dystopian post-industrial ruins of Detroit where hundreds of thousands of people fight to survive, Urban Spartacus Kelly Parker rose above the poor timid souls that inhabit what was once the “Arsenal of Democracy” This […]

Once Upon A Time Baby Boomers Spit On U.S. Soldiers And Called Them, “Baby Killers”…

Now Baby Boomers Steal Their Homes  “We have been sounding the alarms that the banks are illegally evicting the very men and women who are out there fighting for this country. This is a devastating confirmation of that.” -Col. John S. Odom Jr.,USAF (Ret.) America’s men and women who have the brass cojones to don the uniforms […]

Morgan Stanley Lobbies For Tax Breaks As It Calls For Cuts To Poor

Ben Hallman, Huffington Post James Gorman, Morgan Stanley’s chief executive, wrote a note to his 16,000 employees this week to urge them to pressure their elected congressional representatives to pursue a compromise to avert the looming financial budgetary crisis known as the “fiscal cliff.” But even as he called for a “balanced solution,” lobbyists who represent Gorman’s […]

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