Chris Christie

Tactics Of Sleazy Bill Collectors

Sleazy Bill Collectors Are Stalking You On Social Media And Will Relentlessly Hound Your Relatives After You Die   About two years ago,  I wrote an article about how sleazy bill collectors are now using social media sites like Facebook to get you pay your debts and how they are using some pretty innovative ways to […]

Elizabeth Warren

Portfolio Recovery Slapped With $83 Million Verdict

Portfolio Recovery Was Found Liable For Malicious Prosecution And For Violating The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act   A jury in Missouri recently awarded $251,000 in damages to Maria Guadalupe Mejia Alcantara, who was wrongfully sued by a debt collector, Portfolio Recovery. The jury also awarded her an additional $82.99 million in punitive damages assessed […]

Wells Fargo Whistleblower

I Don’t Hang Up On Bill Collectors, They Hang Up On Me!

With Bill Collectors, It’s All About Having The Psychological Edge Are pesky bill collectors bothering you? Are they bothering you at all hours of the day? Do bill collectors call you on your cell phone while you’re coaching your kid’s soccer game? Do annoying bill collectors bother you will you and the wife are having marital relations? Are […]

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