Saint Petersburg Foreclosure Defense Attorney Kelley Bosecker Officially Disbarred. She Invokes Mark Stopa’s Tin Foil Hat Defense 

Saint Petersburg Foreclosure DefenseA longtime Saint Petersburg foreclosure defense attorney agreed to permanent disbarment. The Florida Bar alleged she practiced law while suspended.

Kelley Bosecker was admitted to the Florida Bar in 1984

Bosecker disputes the claims. However, she agreed to a petition for permanent revocation to avoid a costly and taxing legal dispute.

At age 64, she determined that retaking the Bar exam was a costly uphill battle she wasn’t willing to endure. This is assuming she successfully challenged the complaint.

Bosecker used the Mark Stopa excuse for her disbarment. She told the Tampa Bay Business Journal:

“I was a successful foreclosure defense attorney who was targeted by the Bar. I didn’t do anything as an attorney that justified disbarment or permanent revocation.”

She continued parroting fellow disbarred St. Pete lawyer Mark Stopa:

“I truly am the victim of a very corrupt system. The banks wanted us gone because we were winning foreclosure cases.”

Saint Petersburg Foreclosure DefenseThe Florida Bar did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The Florida Bar suspended Bosecker from practicing law for 45 days. They also placed her on probation for two years in 2016. The Bar alleges she kept filing frivolous Quiet Title lawsuits against lenders on behalf of her foreclosure clients. Quiet Title are used to determine property ownership. They are also used to settle disputes to a title.

The Florida Supreme Court then placed her on an interim suspension in 2018. They eventually disbarred her for failure to provide notice of her suspension to clients.

Bosecker claims she was only given a month to inform more than 300 clients of her suspension. She claimed that was not enough time. She appealed the court’s disbarment order but was denied.

The Bar filed another complaint against Bosecker in fall 2021. They alleged she provided legal advice during her suspension period. Bosecker denied this claim.

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